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Kondopozhsky Pulp And Paper Mill
(to the 70th anniversary from the date of putting into operation)

June 26, 1929

Kondopozhsky Pulp And Paper Mill

Kondopozhsky Pulp and Paper Mill (Kondopoga Joint-Stock Company nowadays) is one of the largest enterprises of Russia specializing in newprint production.

The mill traces its history to history to a paper-mill which construction was launched in the summer of 1923 by its labourers almost manually.

On June 26, 1929 the paper-making machine N1 producing 29.5 thousand tons of newprint per year was entered into operation. The factory received its equipment from German firms, and in the first year of work 5 thousand tons of paper was made. The factory construction proceeded till 1941, in April of this year the first paper was produced by domestic machines. By 1940 the paper-mill became the enterprise with the completed production cycle and became the combine.

Within the Great Patriotic war the combine's building destroyed, and its machines were evacuated. For its restoration, in 1959 the combine was declared the top-priority comsomol project.

The combine is headed for increase of paper production. In November of 1963 the broadside and the high-speed machines have been launched. In the 80s release of more thin paper has been mastered at the combine. At commissioning new paper-making machines and new technologies much attention is paid at economic aspects. In October of 1992 by the Decision of the State Committee of the Russian Federation for the state property dispose Kondopozhsky Pulp And Paper Mill was transformed into Kondopoga Joint-Stock Company, and Vitaly Federmesser became its director general. All these achievements of the combine would be impossible without the initiative and fidelity of people who has given many years to this enterprise, such as Victor Lackeys (he has been the director of the combine for 30 years), G.Parshikov, Ya.Okushkov, M.Belyakov, etc.

The Pulp And Paper Mill's history and modernity are reflected in expositions of its museum, and its production is wellk-known in the country and abroad. The combine employees are engaged not only in manufacture, as the sports club operates at the combine, the chorus of war and labour veterans and the academic chorus are 10 years old. Pulp And Paper Mill is always closely related to the city of Kondopoga, which means the habitation construction, the House of culture, money invested in the children's library reconstruction, the Creative Center, etc.

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