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The 225th anniversary of Onego Tractor Plant

June 30, 1774

Onego Tractor Plant

The Onego Tractor Plant (former Alexandrovsky Plant) is one of the oldest enterprises in the Northwest of our country.

Construction of the cannon-foundry began in May, 1773. On June 30, 1774 the factory was commissioned and called Alexandrovsky. Metallurgist A.S.Yartsov was the builder and the first chief of the foundry. At that time the foundry he had constructed was one of the largest enterprises with advanced equipment and was of great importance for development of economy in Karelia.

In 1918 Alexandrovsky foundry was renamed into the Onego Metallurgical and Mechanical Plant, since 1956 it is the Onego Tractor Plant. In the 20s-30s during restoration of the national economy the Onego Plant delivered steam machines for fishing vessels, boat motors, successfully executed orders for Volkhovstroy and the White Sea - Baltic channel, mastered manufacture of road-making machines for the country.

Within the Great Patriotic War the Onego Plant was evacuated to Krasnoyarsk where its employees have mastered amunition production for the Soviet Army needs. For the self-denying work the State Committee of Defense 16 times awarded the Onego Plant with the Red Banner.

After liberating Petrozavodsk the destroyed factory was quickly restored and in 1950 it has exceeded its pre-war output. At that time the Onego Tractor Plant employees produced motor-carts and timber trolleys, trailers, skidders and sea towboats, mastered repair of steam locomotives, mobile power stations, and gas-producing logging tractors.

Since January of 1956 a large specialized enterprise for producing tractors for timber industry was created on the basis of the Onego engineering plant under the decision of the government.

In short terms general reconstruction was accomplished, the entire shape of the factory has changed. New shops were built and the old ones were reconstructed. The universal metal-cutting equipment was replaced almost completely with the more effective special automatic and semi-automatic.

The Onego plant is a highly-mechanized enterprise of the complete metal cycle possessing modern metal-cutting, forge-and-press and foundry equipment, powerful procuring shops with modern technical equipment.

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