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Severnaya Hotel in Petrozavodsk

Severnaya Hotel in Petrozavodsk. Modern shape.

Severnaya Hotel in Petrozavodsk. Modern shape.

The hotel was built in 1936-39 under the architect Yu.Rusanov's project in the manner of so-called 'proletarian classics', initial stage of neoclassicism in the Soviet architecture. Considering angular arrangement of the 4-storeyed building (at the intersection of Engels str. and Lenin Ave.), the author accented its corner, having made it the main facade and having decorated with a colonnade of 6 pairs of columns to the height of the second and the fourth floors. In the central block the state premises were located — parlours and the central staircase. The building extensions down the Engels street and Lenin Avenue were intended to hold the hotel rooms. Besides, in the building there was a 120-160-seat restaurant with accompanying premises and a separate entrance from Engels str. The building's architectural disadvantage was its levelling to one common eaves, that at its longness (more than 150 meters) deprived it of the silhouette expressiveness.

During the Great Patriotic War the building has seriously affected, however its foundation, granite basement, restaurant entrance porch and armoured concrete floors over the cellar remained in good condition that has allowed to restore the hotel. According to the post-war general plan of Petrozavodsk, the Severnaya hotel's building site was turned to the outlined square of the City Council open towards Lenin Ave. Therefore, at preservation of the basic scheduled dimensions and characteristics of the functional lay-out of the building in 1945 K.Gutin has offered its new architectural shape. It was supposed to lower the number of storeys of the side extensions from 4 to 3 for smooth transition to the 2-storeyed building on Lenin Square and building of the government on Lenin Ave.

The building was restored by 1949. Its architecture followed forms characteistic for late neoclassicism: with the developed order and abundance of stucco mouldings. Columns of the angular part have been increased in height that has allowed to unite the four floors. The interior was enriched due to double-height halls on the first, second, third and fourth floors with use of floor-by-floor columns. Furnish of the building tempers red-brown plaster of walls with white columns of the Corinthian order, pilasters, and details. In 1968 according to the K.Gutin's project the restaurant was reconstructed, the number of its seats was increased to 250 and the 164-seat extension was attached repeating the middle corridor with the two-side arrangement of hotel rooms.

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