Образы Калевалы

Ballet "SAMPO"
Music by Helmer Sinisalo

Act I    Act II

The hardworking people of Kalevala with their heroes - the wise runo-singer Vainamainen, the smith Ilmarinen and his friend Lemminkainen forge the miracle mill Sampo. Suddenly their work is interrupted with appearance of old woman Louhi, the malicious mistress of Pohjola.

2'28" 722 Kb

Act I
scene I

The settlement of Kalevala is festively decorated. Everyone wait for appearance of the smith Ilmarinen and of his bride. The newly-weds appear accompanied by the friends. The people joyfully congratulate them. The groom introduces his bride to everybody.
Lemminkainen congratulates his friend Ilmarinen. The old gray with age Vainamainen wishes the newly-weds the successes, gives the order to Ilmarinen to protect happiness of the people.
The newly-weds thank for love and warm congratulations. Skilful hands of the smith Ilmarinen with the help Lemminkainen and his friends have forged the wonderful Sampo for the people. Ilmarinen calls everybody into the smithy.

2'08" 628 Kb

3'00" 883 Kb

scene II
It is dark in the smithy. There are reddish reflections of the forge dieing out. Louhi the witch appears from the smoke and soot. Louhi has found out that there is Sampo in the smithy shaped by Ilmarinen. Then the people of Kalevala appear. Last works upon Sampo are finished. The work of people of Kalevala gives them well-being and happiness. The smithy has got lit up with light, the wonderful Sampo has begun to sparkle. The people solemnly carries Sampo away to the place of wedding. Louhi appears again. In furiousness she rushes after the leaving people of Kalevala, but suddenly stops, having seen Lemminkainen. Louhi turns to a seductive beauty to fascinate Lemminkainen and to steal the miracle mill Sampo from the people of Kalevala.

1'44" 508 Kb

1'03" 310 Kb

1'25" 418 Kb

scene III
The wedding proceeds. The people has fun. Sampo created by the hands of the people will help the people of Kalevala to subdue forces of nature. Under the influence of Sampo the nature has come to life, bushes have become green and blooming. The youth dances and has fun. The wedding procession slowly leaves. Lemminkainen stays alone. He dreams of seeing the beauty who has subdued him. Louhi creeps and falls into his arms.

2'49" 828 Kb

scene IV
Seacoast. The happiness and pleasure fill the hearts of Ilmarinen and his bride.

2'49" 653 Kb

scene V
Seductive Louhi has folded in Lemminkainen's arms. The mother of Lemminkainen appears. She persuades her favorite son to leave the unknown girl. She doesn't like her. The heart of mother feels evil.
Charms of Louhi have subdued Lemminkainen. He does not see the witch steeling Sampo and purloins it. Lemminkainen suspecting nothing and fascinated with Louhi follows her.
Lemminkainen's mother is in despair. She sees that Sampo has disappeared, the son has disappeared.
Mother calls the people of Kalevala to return Sampo and her son. The bride says goodbye to Ilmarinen, mothers say goodbye to their sons, wives - to husbands. Ilmarinen and Vainamainen lead the people of Kalevala to Pohjola to return Sampo to people.

1'53" 552 Kb

3'12" 940 Kb

Act II
scene VI

Pohjola is the empire of Louhi, the country of gloom and horror. Louhi appears together with Lemminkainen. He can not understand, where he has got. Louhi turns again to the malicious old woman. Holding Sampo in her hands, she roars at Lemminkainenом.
Only now Lemminkainen has understood what has happened. He can not forgive that Sampo has appeared in Pohjola. Lemminkainen rushes to Louhi, pulls out Sampo and wants to run with it, but at the sign of the mistress of Pohjola the gang of Louhi bars his way. Louhi demands to open the secret of Sampo. The gang of Louhi scoffs above Lemminkainen and orders to torture him. Alarm. The guard of Louhi informs of approach of the people of Kalevala. The tattered and tired out Lemminkainen is hidden in the cave. Louhi throws a torch towards the going people of Kalevala.

1'51" 542 Kb

2'28" 725 Kb

scenes VII and VIII
Dense wood makes the way of the people of Kalevala. Suddenly the wood lights up before them.
But the fire does not frighten the daredevils. Through fire and smoke they go to Pohjola. The empire of Louhi is in a panic. The gang of Louhi furiously rushes on the people of Kalevala. Severe fight starts. In the heat of the fight the wise Vainamainen starts to play the kantele. The Power of sounding kantele paralyses the gang of Louhi. Gradually all of them fall and fall asleep.
The people of Kalevala search for Sampo. Hardly alive there appears Lemminkainen, carrying wonderful Sampo in his hands. He hands it over to the people of Kalevala. It is impossible to hesitate, the people of Kalevala leave.

Louhi has woken up. In furiousness she wakes up her gang, calls the maiden of fog Udutar and orders her to bar the way to the people of Kalevala. Louhi orders Iko-Turso, the sea monster, to storm the sea and, having overflowed the ship of the people of Kalevala to sink it.
The storm rises in the sea. The deck bends, the sails are torn, the wind rages, and the lightning sparkles. The people of Kalevala catch the sea monster Iko-Turso and force it to stop the storm.
The enormous black bird has begun to spin above the ship - this is Louhi.
The old woman Louhi departs, too, to chase the people of Kalevala.

2'41" 789 Kb

2'01" 591 Kb

1'50" 541 Kb

1'12" 353 Kb

scene IX
The joyful people of Kalevala are floating towards their native land. Suddenly everything gets dimmed in the fog. The people of Kalevala by the strikes of their swords force the maiden of fog to disappear. The fog dissipates. Louhi flies from one place on another, trying to distract attention of the people of Kalevala from Sampo.
A heated fight developed during which Lemminkainen rescues his life for Ilmarinen, but perishes himself.
Ilmarinen gives Louhi the mortal blow. Having collected last forces, in fury, Louhi suffices Sampo and breaks it over the deck of the ship.

1'33" 456 Kb

3'47" 1,08 Mb

3'00" 883 Kb

scene X
Coast of the land of Kalevala. It is sad here. Mother of Lemminkainen with hope and anxiety looks at the sea, whether the ship will appear.
In anxiety the bride of Ilmarinen waits. Everybody fasten their gaze upon the sea. The shout of mother interrupts the expectation.
On horizon there is the ship of the people of Kalevala. In grief they descend on the coast. Lemminkainen was lost, Sampo is broken… The national sorrow is great. Sobbing, the mother of Lemminkainen addresses to Ilmarinen, Vainamainen, and to all people with the appeal to revive Sampo. And then, through the work of people, skilful hands of Ilmarinen and Vainamainen wonderful Sampo revives. It has begun to shine and to sparkle all around.
Beams of Sampo, the power of national love, the power of love of mother have inhaled life in Lemminkainen. The people of Kalevala are pleased, the wise Vainamainen is pleased seeing happiness of Lemminkainen and his mother.
Vast open spaces of Karelia shine in the beams of the rising sun.

1'50" 883 Kb

1'21" 396 Kb

4'30" 1,29 Mb

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