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"North-West" Association. Coordination Council. Petrozavodsk, January 12, 2000

V.Putin in Petrozavodsk

Greetings from the Head of the Republic of Karelia Sergey Katanandov
to the participants of the Coordination Council Summit

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich!
Dear colleagues of the Coordination Council of the Association "North-West"!
Dear members of the Russian Government!
Dear guests!

On behalf of the Government of Karelia and from myself I would like to greet all the participants of our Association: delegation of the Republic of Komi, Archangelskay, Vologodskay, Kalinigradskay, Kirovskay, Leningradskay, Murmanskay, Novgorodskay, Pskovskay regions and Saint Petersburg at the ancient land of "Kalevala".

Karelia holds a meeting for the members of the Association for the second time. I am glad that the first summit of the year 2000 of the Association is being carried out in Karelia. The fact that the acting President of Russia, the Head of the Russian Government is participating in the summit adds more importance to the meeting.

We are starting the year 2000 without any delay discussing the most important questions that have special practical meaning for all of the regions of the "North-West".

What does Karelia have today? According to the results achieved in the field of economy Karelia is taking the 5th place among all the regions of Russia. The leading place is taken by the timber industry, including timber enterprises, timber processing industry, pulp and paper industry. Last year was noted by positive results in the timber industry and that had a positive effect on the social and economic situation in the Republic. Many of us are well acquainted with the products of our pulp and paper industry. Every third newspaper in Russia is published on paper that comes from Karelian shareholding enterprise "Kondopoga" paper for newspapers is widely exported to different countries of the world.

Karelia mines about 10% of all of the iron ore in Russia. Shareholding company "Karelskey okatish" was established in 1994 and is one of the youngest and most perspective enterprises in Karelia.

We are having a gathering of the leaders of different regions of the Russian Federation, and they are very practical. We are looking for the optimal ways of strengthening our economy. It is very difficult to survive today all by yourself, and it is impossible to separate yourself by the wall from the whole world.

More rights and more independence given to the regions of Russia is an objective process while building a Federative State.

The Strength of Russia mostly depends on well-coordinated work of different state and local branches of power. Cooperation between different state authorities have become more practical and more effective since Vladimir Putin became the Head of the Government of the Russian Federation. The acting President Vladimir Putin is leading systematic and purposeful work aimed at strengthening of the Russian State in the frames of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

More than 10 years ago Karelia served as a starting place for the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin, and on the eve of the new presidential campaign V.Putin is visiting hospitable land of Karelia.

I am sure that in March of this year during presidential elections Karelia will support V.Putin. Credence among the population for him is very high and that was verified today at the meeting with the staff of Republican Hospital for Children

Agenda of today's sitting is to discuss questions relating to the strategy of automobile road development, power engineering systems of the "North-West" regions, revival of the breeding animals for fur industry in the north of Russia. Effective solving of the following problems will define future achievements in the economy of "North-West" regions.

The work of our Association helps to strengthen relationships between regions and as a result to strengthen the unity of our country.

Dear friends. At the end of my short speech I would like to wish our Coordination Council fruitful results in it's work and implementation into practice all of the decisions taken today.

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