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"Tunes of our kin"

Concert of the Karelian actors in the State concert hall "Russia",
April, 7, 1999

Ensemble "Karelskaya gornitsa" Dramatized introduction rm, 469 Kb, 1'25"
mp3, 1.13 Mb
  Lemminkainen rm, 459 Kb, 1'24"
mp3, 1.11 Mb
  Aino rm, 459 Kb, 1'24"
mp3, 1.09 Mb
Ensemble "Kantele" Prologue "Kantele" rm, 1.59 Mb, 4'57"
mp3, 3.94 Mb
  Quadrille "Kantele" rm, 449 Kb, 1'22"
mp3, 1.06 Mb
  Ose poikka rm, 1.27 Mb, 3'58"
mp3, 3.16 Mb
Orchestra of the Musical Theatre "Sampo" (Ballet clips) rm, 4.12 Mb, 12'49"
mp3, 11.7 Mb
Chamber chorus of the Karelian Centre of Folk Art Water-colours rm, 653 Kb, 1'59"
mp3, 1.58 Mb
Choreographic ensemble of the art school Choreographic composition "The creation of the world", music by A.Petrov rm, 1.27 Mb, 3'58"
mp3, 3.16 Mb
Pomor folk chorus   rm, 561 Kb, 1'42"
mp3, 1.35 Mb
Ensemble "Kantele" Letka-enka rm, 1.00 Mb, 3'08"
mp3, 2.49 Mb
Ensemble "Zoriaine" The talk rm, 6531 Kb, 1'59"
mp3, 1.56 Mb
Ensembles "Jouhikko" and "Toive"   rm, 1.00 Mb, 3'08"
mp3, 2.49 Mb
Choreographic ensemble "Sozvezdie"   rm, 969 Kb, 2'56"
mp3, 2.35 Mb
Ensemble "Kantele" Karelian Waltz rm, 1.50 Mb, 4'40"
mp3, 3.74 Mb
Vepsian national chorus Harageine (magpie) rm, 683 Kb, 2'04"
mp3, 1.63 Mb
Ensemble "Kantele" Polkka rm, 898 Kb, 2'43"
mp3, 2.17 Mb
Ensemble "Kantele" Piirileikki (Karelian chastushka) rm, 581 Kb, 1'46"
mp3, 1.41 Mb
Folk-rock group "Mullarit"   rm, 1.36 Mb, 4'14"
mp3, 3.38 Mb
Combined chorus Fall of stars above Onego rm, 1.54 Mb, 4'48"
mp3, 3.81 Mb

The soundtrack of the concert of Days of Karelia in Moscow is prepared by the sound producer Anisimov under the order of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Karelia and the Karelian Centre of Folk Art, materials of record library of the State Television and Radio Company "Karelia" have been also used. The director: the director of the Karelian Centre of Folk Art the Honored Artist of Karelia A.S.Amelina.

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