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Economic development of the Republic of Karelia in 2006

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   Results of 2006

Natural Resources and Ecology
Forest Resources

Total area of the grounds of the state forestry fund of the Republic of Karelia makes 14,8 million hectares, including 9,4 million hectares of wood covered land. General stock of plantations makes 956,9 million m3, including of 437,9 million m3 of mature and overmature, and 380,2 million m3 of it - coniferous.

According to the legislation, public management in the field of use and protection of forestry fund and reproduction of woods in territory of the republic is carried out.

Primary task in the field of forest exploitation is maintenance of rational continuous and effective utilization of forest resources.

For 2006 calculated felling rate in the republic makes 8 859,3 thousand m3. The established volume of forest allotment is 6 923,4 thousand m3, or 78% of approved calculated felling rate. It has been allotted 7 799,2 thousand m3 of forest according to logging tickets, in view of passing remains of 2005.

In order to increase efficiency of forest exploitation in republic, in 2006 there proceeded work on handing over of forest fund sites for long-term lease on competition.

61 enterprises are forest fund sites tenants, 57 of them are tenant enterprises that received forestry fund on a competitive basis.

As of January 1, 2007, in lease there are sites of forest fund with total amount of annual using of 6 607,2 thousand m3, i.e. 74.5% of calculated felling rate of the republic. Of this area 93.6 % (6 186,5 thousand m3) are in lease on competitive basis.

In order to increase of economic availability of forest resources and, as consequence, efficiency of forest resources using in the republic there has begun development of regional felling rules (manuals).

Introduction of intensive forest exploitation practice in territory of Karelia, implementation of projects of model forests promotes normalization of situation concerning forest resources, increasing of their availability, efficiency and profitableness. Creation of target facilities (Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill, Inc.) will allow to double volume of timber logged from 1 hectare due to felling turnover reduction.

In 2006 regeneration and forestry works in territory of the republic have been executed in general.

Planned target for allotment of wood-cutting areas for intermediate felling was executed on the area 32 of thousand hectares. Allotment of wood-cutting areas for main felling was executed on the area of 52,1 thousand hectares.

Reafforestation works, as it was planned, were executed on the area of 26,5 thousand hectares, including: sowing and planting of forest on 6,5 thousand hectares, and assistance to natural renewal on 20 thousand hectares.

Preparation of land for forest cultures of the next year is executed on the area of 3,6 thousand hectares (100%).

Cultural work of 2006 have been provided completely with own sowing and planting materials.

Plan of sowing seeds in nursery forests was 100.7% executed: at the plan of 31,25 hectares there has been sown 31,48 hectares. Besides, in nursery forests of timber enterprises work was aimed at increasing fertility of soils, and preventive actions on struggle against fungoid diseases of seedlings.

In order to control over sanitary condition of forest there has been held forest pathology monitoring in established scheduled volumes on the area of 150 thousand hectares. According to Sanitary rules, in forests of the Russian Federation for black topped and damaged plantings there have been prescribed and held sanitary actions, selective and continuous sanitary fellings. According to forest pathology monitoring, sanitary condition of forest in territory of the republic is evaluated as satisfactory.

Within a year 45 controls of observance of requirements of forest and land legislation were held. 155 infringements of legislation in the sphere of forestry and land tenure were revealed. In the form of penalty there have been set 181 administrative punishment to the total amount of 913,2 thousand rbl., of which 672,1 thousand rbl. (73.5%) was collected.

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