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Economic development of the Republic of Karelia in 2007

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   Results of 2007

Natural resources and ecology
Forest resources

Forest is one of the major natural resources on which basis economy of the Republic of Karelia develops. Condition of woods is of great importance for tourism development in territory of the republic. Significant share in formation of budget of the republic belongs to the wood fund using payments. Forest renders huge influence on ecological condition of natural complexes as a result of performing such bioecological functions as regulation and filtration of water drain, prevention of soil erosion and air pollution.

Therefore, the primary goal of the Government of the Republic of Karelia in the sphere of forest relations are preservation and reproduction of woods as a raw-material base providing needs of economy and population in timber and non-timber production, and as the major nature forming component of environment on the basis of rational and sustainable forestry.

Gross area of the state forestry fund makes 14,8 million hectares, including 9,4 million hectares of wooded area. Total yield makes 967 million cubic meters, including 437 million cubic meters of ripe and overmature forest, of them conifers make 380 million cubic meters.

Calculated felling rate in 2007 has made 8,8 million cubic meters, there has been allocated 7,0 million cubic meters of felling register resources. On logging tickets in view of passing felling register it was released 7,8 million cubic meters of timber, or 89% of the calculated felling rate.

In 2007 it was logged 6,9 million cubic meters of timber, including 5,6 million cubic meters - by tenants on the main using. Actual removal of wood has made 6,5 million cubic meters. Reclaiming of calculated felling rate within the past years was stabilized at the level of 62-64%. Further growth of forest resources development is restrained by insufficiently developed road network.

As of January 1, 2008 in territory of the Republic of Karelia there operated 154 long-term wood fund sites rent contracts with 62 forest tenant users. The share of competitive rent in total amount of rented timberland makes 94%.

Total area of timber land leased out for logging, makes 10,9 million hectares with calculated felling rate in the volume of 7082,6 thousand cubic meters (80% of total calculated felling rate).

Except for long-term rent, realization of wood was held on a regular basis through auctions. In 2007 there have passed 35 wood auctions to sell 162,6 thousand cubic meters of standing forest. Budgets of all levels recieved 33881,7 thousand roubles, including 24082,5 thousand roubles recieved by the republican budget. The auction price for 1 cubic meter has made 208,37 roubles and has 3.45-fold exceeded payment rates for unit of volume of timber resources established by the Government of the Russian Federation.

One of the major directions of forestry industry is restoration of forest resources. At the reforestation plan for 2007 at the rate of 26,5 thousand hectares performance has made 26,6 thousand hectares, including creation of wood cultures on the area of 6,5 thousand hectares that makes 100% in relation to 2006. With a view of improvement of quality reforestation works additional measures were taken in necessary volumes. To provide planting stock for cultural work planting of nursery forests was accomplished. In seedling sections annually grow about 30 million pieces of standard planting stock that allows to provide a complex of reforestation measures in the republic with standard seedlings of local origin.

The major problem in the forest remains illegal wood cutting. Control and supervision in the sphere of forest relations is directed on decreasing the number of forest trespass, including, illegal wood felling.

In 2007 a complex of measures were taken for prevention, suppression of infringements of forest legislation and administrative and other prosecution for infringements in the sphere of forest use, conservation, protection and reproduction, including measures on recovery of damages caused to forestry, and penalties for infringement of forestry requirements at forest exploitation. For damage caused to forestry due to forest legislation infringement in the accounting period it was collected 1,5 million rbl. For infringements of forestry requirements revealed forest users were charged 40,6 million rbl., 25,8 million rbl. was collected. For infringements of forest legislation 426 resolutions on administrative punishment in the form of penalty were passed, 1,6 million roubles of administrative penalties were imposed.

Major tasks for 2008 are:

  • to provide effectiveness of the system of state forest control and supervision; to develop forestry rules and management plan;
  • to organize performance of target forecasted parameters established by the Ministry Natural Resources of the Russian Federation, on forest conservation, protection and reproduction;
  • to finish reorganization of the forestry control system with division of economic and management functions, control, supervision in the field of forest relations.
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