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Economic development of the Republic of Karelia in 2008

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  Results of 2008

Industrial Policy

In 2008 activity of the Government of Karelia in the field of industrial policy has been directed on preservation of production volumes and personnel potential under astable conditions of economic processes development; increase of competitiveness of production made in the republic due to involvement of investments for the organization of new productions and introduction of modern technologies; rational use of natural resources; continuation of meaningful dialogue with business in solution of problems of faced by the region.

Realization of actions was carried out according to target programs of development of industries, and in view of necessary infrastructure creation.

Support was rendered to investors according to the Law of the Republic of Karelia On the Government Support of Investment Activity in the Republic of Karelia, the special attention was paid to creation of new workplaces. In 2008 it has been created 2,8 thousand workplaces (compared to 2190 in 2007).

In 2008 there has been established lower rates of electricity prices growth for such large power-intensive consumers, as Russian Railways, Inc., branch of NAZ-SUAL, Karelsky Okatysh (Iron-Ore Pellets), Inc.

According to the republican tax laws, there have been kept tax remissions on the assets of organizations engaged in timber cutting, processing and production of wooden articles, production of machines and equipment for the forestry branch, construction and repair of vessels, clothes production.

In view of experience of the previous years practice of the concluding Agreements on cooperation with the largest enterprises of the republic providing both growth of production volumes, and tax payments continued. Carrying out of quarterly monitoring of realization of these Agreements allowed to obtain operative information on alterations in the situation in key sectors of industry and to develop necessary measures in conference.

To analyze situation in economy of the republic, implement measures on minimization of possible negative influence of consequences of the world financial crisis on condition of some branches of production and coordinated actions support, by the Order of the Head of the Republic of Karelia there had been created the Commission on increasing sustainable development of economy and development of anti-recessionary measures in the Republic of Karelia.

Within the scope of the Commission work was carried out with proprietors and heads of leading enterprises on development of anti-recessionary measures including optimization of production and preservation of personnel potential for further operation.

Cooperaction with federal authorities on development of anti-recessionary measures was carried out, there have been prepared offers on inclusion of organizations of the republic in the List of strategic and township-forming enterprises to be rendered government support.

Under conditions of decline in prices and production demand it has allowed to admit no collective dismissal of industrial personnel and reduction of wages.

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