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Economic development of the Republic of Karelia in 2008

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  Results of 2008

Policy in the Field of Control and Use of Natural Resources and Environmental Safety

Natural resources are the major component of economy development in the republic, and life support of the population. Therefore, the primary goal of the Government of the Republic of Karelia is creation of conditions for rational use of natural resources for the benefit of economy and population of the republic.

Forestry Plan of the Republic of Karelia for the period through to 2018 was developed and approved in 2008 as a document that will define development of logging industry, recreational and tourist branches of the republic. Forestry Plan provides characteristics of forest condition in the republic, basic directions of use, protection, preservation and reproduction of forest, priorities regarding ways of using forestry fund lands.

According to the Forestry Code of the Russian Federation alterations were made to forestry of the republic. 28 timber enterprises were reorganized and merged, and on their basis there have been formed 11 central forest areas, 153 local forest areas; Forest of Karelia state unitary enterprise of the RK and Northwest Base of Aviation Forest Protection public institution of the RK. Forestry Rules on eleven generated central forest areas have been approved.

Thus, since January 1, 2008 division of functions on organization of forest exploitation and protection, including suppression of forest fires, protection, reproduction of woods on the forestry fund lands and direct realization of economic activities in territory of the forestry fund was carried out.

Government of Karelia is issuing licences to use sites of subsurface resources containing widespread mineral deposits, monitoring execution of subsoil using conditions, reproduction of mineral-raw-material base of the republic, development of the mining and metallurgical complex is carried out.

In 2008 changes were made to the Law of the Republic of Karelia On Some Issues of Subsurface Use in Territory of the Republic of Karelia and the following normative legal acts directed on its realization have been passed:

  • Procedures for formalizing, state registration and issuing licences to use sites of subsurface resources containing widespread mineral deposits, or sites of bowels of local value, including those used for construction and operation of underground constructions which not related to extraction of minerals have been developed;
  • applications forms for reception of the right to use sites of bowels have been approved;
  • the Order of decision-making on granting the right to use sites of bowels containing widespread mineral deposits to satisfy socially significant needs has been developed;
  • changes were made to the technique of definition of size and order of making single payments at using bowels at occurrence of certain events stipulated in licences to use sites of subsurface resources.

The Program of licensing of using sites of subsurface resources with a view of prospecting and extraction of widespread minerals in territory of the Republic of Karelia for 2009 has been approved.

According to the federal legislation the republic exercies powers in the field of use and protection of water objects. In 2008 for these purposes the republic was allocated 14,1 million roubles. Besides, in the field of water relations the republic executes powers of the subject of the Russian Federation in subjects of joint competence. Therefore, in 2008 the normative legal base of the Republic of Karelia in the sphere of water legislation was developed in full.

Government of the republic pays much attention to issues of preservation of favorable ecological conditions. Interdepartmental commission concerning environment preservation in territory of the republic has been created and is operating, inspections of observance of requirements of the legislation in the sphere of nature management and environment preservation are carried out.

In 2008 there has been founded the State Committee of the Republic of Karelia for Protection and Use of Objects of Fauna and Water Biological Resources. The bill of the Republic of Karelia On Differentiation оf Powers оf Enforcement Authorities оf The Republic оf Karelia in the Field оf Protection and Use оf Fauna in the Republic of Karelia was developed and presented to the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of Karelia. The normative legal acts aimed at realization of transferred powers have been accepted. The draft program on restoration of quantity and practical use of forest reindeer was developed.

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