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Social and Economic development of the Republic of Karelia in 2010

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Forest Resources

As of January 1, 2011, total area of forest land of the Republic of Karelia makes 14,902,500 hectares. Total area of forest land is 14 535,8 thousand hectares, 72,200 hectares are defence and security lands; 3000 hectares are lands of settlements where amenity forests are located; 291,500 hectares are specially protected natural sites (national parks and reserves). The percent of forest area makes 52.7%.

The Forestry Code of the Russian Federation has established powers of bodies of the government of constituent entities of the Russian Federation in the field of forestry relations. One of the fundamental powers transferred to the level of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation concerns development and approval of the Forestry Plan of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation and forestry rules of forest areas.

In 2010 amendments to the approved Forestry Code of the Republic of Karelia were made, it was endorsed by the Federal Forestry Agency.

Forestry rules were developed for all the 17 forest areas; specifications, parameters and terms of permitted forest exploitation were stated for them. According to the forestry rules, allowable cut in territory of the Republic of Karelia in 2010 has made 10,6 million cubic meters.

Constituent entities of the Russian Federation were granted powers to conduct public examination of projects of development of forests. In 2010 for logging tenants of forest land worked on development of long-term projects of development of forest. Almost all tenants have received obtained positive appraisals of the state expert on prepared projects of development of forests.

Among the powers of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation there is granting of timber land within the forest resources for constant (termless) using, rent, fixed-term use without consideration, as well as conclusion of afforestation purchase and sale contracts.

As of January 1, 2011 352 forest plots were chartered, including 343 on a leasehold basis, 8 — on a fixed-term use without consideration, 1 — for constant (termless) using.

Forest plots were used for logging (143 contracts of rent), development of deposits (121), construction of linear objects (46), recreational activity (19), construction of hydraulic engineering constructions (7), performance of prospecting works (4), management of hunting facilities (3).

For logging forest exploitators rented forest plots which total area is 8897,9 thousand hectares (in 2009 — 9506 thousand hectares) with annual delivery of 6,8 million cubic meters concerning all kinds of cuttings (6,9 million cubic meters in 2009). The volume of logging concerning all kinds of cuttings has made 5,6 million cubic meters (5,7 million cubic meters).

In 2010 the right of logging was granted to citizens for their own needs. 7306 positive decisions were made amounting to 215,9 thousand cubic meters, in fact it was logged 165,9 thousand cubic meters timber (136,9 thousand cubic meters in 2009). In 2010 logging in young growths was conducted on the area of 13,200 hectares (9,700 hectares).

Among the transferred powers in the sphere of forestry relations there are organization and protection of forest (including suppression of forest fires), protection and reproduction of forest. The area of protected territory of forest resources of the Republic of Karelia makes 14,5 million hectares, of which 47% is the area of use of aviation force and facilities, 53% is the area of use of ground forces and facilities.

In the forest fire season of 2010 in forestry fund lands it has been registered 461 forest fires (176 fires in 2009), including 372 fires through the fault of citizens, the area damaged by fires has made 6843 hectares, including 6156 hectares of timberland (1552,7 hectares). The average area of one forest fire in timberland in 2010 was 13,4 hectares (7,4 hectares in previous 5 years). The damage caused by fires to forestry has made 495,7 million roubles (118,4 million roubles in 2009). The most complex conditions were observed in Muezersky and Pitkäranta metropolitan regions. The total area of damaged forest ranges in 2010 has made 3975 hectares, including 2288 hectares due to forest fires of 2010 (58%), and 1516 hectares caused by influence of adverse weather conditions (38%).

Reafforestation in 2010 was carried out on the area of 23,9 thousand hectares (20,8 thousand hectares in 2009), including 22,3 thousand hectares was restored by tenants (19,1 thousand hectares in 2009). Оn the unrented territory (1673 hectares) works were conducted by the State Unitary Enterprise of the RK Forest of Karelia within the scope of the concluded state contract. Forest cultivation work in the republic in 2010 was provided with standard planting stock and materials of a local origin. Efficiency of reafforestation in the republic is high.

In 2010 for carrying out some authorities in the field of forestry relations from the federal budget in the form of subventions the Republic of Karelia was assigned 416,2 million roubles, and 32,5 million roubles from the funds of the republican budget, including 31,1 million roubles of maintenance cost of the Northwestern Air Station of Protection of Forest State Enterprise of the Republic of Karelia.

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