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Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Karelia in 2011

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  Results of 2011

Modernization of the Economy

According to the primary goals of social and economic development of the republic set for 2011, the Government of the Republic of Karelia continued pursuance of the policy focused on further modernization of the economy and transition to innovative socially-focused type of development.

For modernization of the economy work in the following directions was conducted:

  • creation of conditions for development of business and competition;
  • improvement of the investment image of the republic and mobilization of investments;
  • pursuance of the industrial policy focused on diversification and modernization of production;
  • development of the state-private partnership providing decrease of enterprise and investment risks, first of all, in spheres of research and development, distribution of new technologies;
  • development of transport, power and municipal infrastructure;
  • increase energy efficiency and energy saving.

The Order of the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of Karelia of February 24, 2011 1995-IVZS approves the Concept of Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Karelia through to 2015, which states the medium-term goals and priorities of social and economic policy of the republic, including those that provide directions of modernization of the economy.

As a tool for implementation of substantive provisions of the Concept in cooperation with structural divisions of federal authorities, institutions of local government, scientific and public organizations, and business community the Program of Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Karelia through to 2015 was developed and approved by the Law of the Republic of Karelia. The Program considers both long-term target programs in force in the republic, and those planned to be developed. Besides, the list of objects planned for construction and reconstruction has found its reflection in the program, as well as participation of the Republic of Karelia in implementation of federal target programs.

Projects and activities of long-term target programs together with implementation of commercial projects due to means of organizations and their founders provide modernization of territorial economy.

the Program of competition development is run in the republic which purpose is creation of conditions for formation of favorable competitive environment promoting development of business in priority sectors of economy. Within the scope of the Program the Government of the republic has started to work on introduction of the institute of assessment of regulatory influence of draft laws and regulations of the republic on the competitive environment.

The policy of openness of Karelia for business and investment cooperation, including by means of maintenance of work of such structures, as the Interdepartmental commission on accommodation and development of productive forces in territory of the Republic of Karelia and Corporation for Development of the Republic of Karelia Inc. was conducted in a consistent manner.

Assistance was rendered to institutions of local government of monoprofile municipal formations in development and implementation of complex investment plans. In 2011 according to the assignment of the President of the Russian Federation development of all ten complex investment plans was completed, five of which were recommended for defence at the federal level.

Construction of new enterprises and modernization of operating manufactures was conducted. Large projects were implemented at Karelsky Okatysh Inc., Kalevala Woodworking PlantLtd., Kondopoga Inc., Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill Inc., Petrozavodskmash Joint-Stock Company.

Volumes of budgetary funds for applied scientific research focused on creation of innovative development, automation of industrial and control cycles, expansion of the range of the most perspective manufactures were increased.

At the support of the Government of Karelia enterprises of the region took part in international exhibitions of high technologies that created conditions for further promotion of their innovative production in foreign markets.

As a result, personnel potential for innovative organizations was formed actively in the republic, conditions for development and commercialization of new technologies, innovative products in priority areas improved, the volume of innovative production increased.

Activities within the scope of the Regional program of energy saving and increase of power efficiency through to 2020 were conducted.

A specialized site Power Efficient Karelia containing information on ways of power resource saving in the republic was launched.

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