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Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Karelia in 2012

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Innovation Policy

Within the scope of pursuance of the innovation policy of the state in 2012 the Government of the Republic of Karelia worked in the following directions:

  • development and improvement of regulatory framework of innovative activity, mechanisms of its stimulation, formation of priority directions of development of science, engineering and technology able to reorganize corresponding branches of economy of the Republic of Karelia;
  • development of the system of complex support of innovative activity, increase of competitiveness of h-tech products;
  • development of infrastructure of the innovative process, including systems of information supply, examination, promotion of development, preparation and retraining of personnel, as well as development of small innovative business through provision of favorable conditions for formation and successful functioning of small hi-tech organizations and rendering them state support at the initial stage of activity;
  • promotion of innovation products of Karelian enterprises in external markets.

With a view of normative legal maintenance of the innovative sphere the Law of the Republic of Karelia Concerning the State Support of Innovative Activity in the Republic of Karelia which has stated forms of the state support of innovative activity and powers of bodies of the government of the Republic of Karelia in the corresponding sphere was adopted.

The Government of the republic has approved the list of priority directions of development of science, technology and engineering in the Republic of Karelia .

The system of complex support of innovative activity provides financing of applied scientific research and development. In 2012 the budget of the Republic of Karelia allocated 8 million roubles to perform applied scientific researches directed on creation of innovative development, automation of industrial and control cycles, expansion of the range of the most perspective industries. Competitions to perform research and development on 17 subjects were held.

The performed research works in the field of development of communication facilities, oxide electronics, nanotechnologies promote formation of a new sphere of industry perspective for the republic.

Projects implemented with use of GIS technologies will provide bodies of the government and various organizations with modern technology of operative management of timber and agroindustrial industries of the Republic of Karelia.

Of great value for economy of the region is the project of evaluation of the innovative potential, factors of development of single-industry towns of the Republic of Karelia, development of recommendations on diversification of their economic specialization and increase of investment prospects performed by Karelian scientists.

Results of research on subjects of Development of Methods of Stage-By-Stage Historical and Cultural (Archeologic) Inspection of Territories of Municipal Formations of the Republic of Karelia, Inclusion of National Historical Cultural Landscapes of the Republic of Karelia in Social, Cultural, and Tourist Circulation: Scientific Substantiation of Regional Landscape Policy in the Cluster of Karelian Coast of Lake Ladoga, and The Ethnonetwork of Karelia - Development of the Regional Model of Formation and Development of Ethnoindustry Subjects in Territory of the Republic of Karelia were focused on formation of tourist industry as one of perspective fields of activity in the Republic of Karelia.

According to the agreement in force between the Government of the Republic of Karelia and Foundation for Promotion of Small Enterprises in Science and Technology (Bortnik Foundation) in 2012 the Foundation has assigned a tranche to finance 20 projects of young researchers. On the basis of the competitive selection young researchers have got financial support for 2 years amounting 400 thousand roubles apiece. Thus, 8 million roubles on scientific research to be performed by undergraduate and postgraduate students, and young scientists under 28 was involved in the republic.

Formation of innovative infrastructure continued, the network of enterprises rendering innovative services grows. In order to promote innovative ideas, formation of applications on participation in federal innovative programs the Government of the republic concluded cooperation agreements with National Association of Innovations and Development of Information Technologies, Innovative Center of the Northwest Association. Cooperation with the Center for Research, Information And Legal Support of Executive Authorities and Law-Enforcement Bodies Autonomous Noncommercial Organization, Moscow, concerning participation in training seminars and preparation of experts continued.

In the process of formation of the regional innovative system the essential role belonged to Petrozavodsk State University which structure includes more than 30 innovative divisions and 16 small innovative enterprises. More than 400 young people are involved in the innovative activity.

This past year on a competitive basis within programs of support of small and medium entrepreneurship financial support was rendered to operating innovative companies with granting them subsidies amounting to 18 million roubles. Besides, subsidies amounting to 1 million roubles were granted to two fledgling innovative companies.

The Government of the republic supports work on promotion of innovation products of Karelian enterprises in the external markets. In 2012 Innovation stands and entries were exhibited at 3 hi-tech shows held outside of Karelia. Among the most important events there should be mentioned the exhibition organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation within the scope of the Open Innovations Forum in Moscow, the hi-tech and innovation exhibition organized by RESTEC Exhibition Company in St.Peterspurg. At the High technologies. Innovations. Investments (Hi-Tech’2012) ХХVII International exhibition in St.Peterspurg in March of 2012 innovation projects from Karelia were awarded 1 gold and 8 silver medals and 6 diplomas that indicates high standards of scientific and technical projects developed in the republic. Some innovators were awarded Honorary Diplomas at the exhibition of St Petersburg Partenariat.

For the first time in the previous year The Best Innovation Project of the Year competition was held in the republic. Among the prize-winners of the competition there are undergraduate and postgraduate students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Karelia.

As a result of measures talen by the Government of the republic the trend towards increase in innovation-active enterprises' output and growth of the number of innovation elements in infrastructure persists.

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