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Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Karelia in 2012

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Industrial Policy

Industrial policy pursued by the Government of the Republic of Karelia is focused on increase of competitiveness of the basic kinds of economic activities, creation of favorable investment climate, development of new manufactures, expansion of taxable base. For these purposes the Government of the Republic of Karelia rendered assistance to enterprises for their further modernization and introduction of innovations, promoted mobilization of investments, promotion of goods in the market, creation of new enterprises.

Industrial policy was pursued through the system of measures of state regulation, including fiscal regulation. With a view of mobilization of investments the Government of the Republic of Karelia continued pursuance of the policy on preservation of tax privileges for investor organizations. In 2012 tax privileges to organizations engaged in timber cutting, processing of wood, production of machines for forestry, construction and repair of vessels, production of electric machines and electric equipment were preserved.

Practice of conclusion of agreements on social and economic partnership and cooperation with the largest organizations counducting their activity in territory of the Republic of Karelia in order to maintain their steady work due to association of efforts of the management of enterprises, institutions of local government, and the Government of the Republic of Karelia continued.

In 2012 the Government of the Republic of Karelia supported close cooperation with proprietors and heads of enterprises, held monthly monitoring of forecasted parameters of development of enterprises and economic situation as a whole on the industry.

Considering high dependence of the budget revenues on the largest payers, monitoring of activity of 50 organizations with the purpose of analysis of the situation was organized. In view of revealed problems measures concerning prompt solution of problems were taken.

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