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Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Karelia in 2012

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In 2012 the main efforts of the Government of the Republic of Karelia in the sphere of tourism were focused on achievement of the strategic goal on creation of conditions for steady growth of organized tourist flow in the republic, expansion of the range of tourist services in order to satisfaction the needs of inhabitants of Karelia, Russian and foreign citizens.

The Governmental order of the Republic of Karelia N372-P of December 6, 2012 approved the long-term target program of Development of Tourism in the Republic of Karelia in 2012-2015 which on the basis of cluster approach stated tasks and directions of rendering support to development of tourist complex of the republic.

At cooperation with federal government agencies work on preparation of the application on inclusion of the project of creation of tourist and recreational cluster of Zaonezhsky in the federal target program of Development of Domestic and Inbound Tourism in the Russian Federation (2011-2018) has been organized.

The Government of the Republic of Karelia has initiated inclusion of historical monuments and development of territories of Solovetsky archipelago, investment projects on construction and reconstruction of objects in Kem and Byelomorsk regions in the draft project of the federal target program of reconstruction that will form a basis for formation of Pomorsky tourist and recreational cluster.

Rendering of organizational and methoddological support to investors in implementation of projects in the sphere of tourism in 2012 continued.

Construction and reconstruction of objects of out-of-town vacation in municipal regions and urban districts of the republic continued. Construction of the largest object of hospitality — the hotel complex for 400 persons on Gagarin square in Petrozavodsk was in progress.

In municipal regions of the republic construction of the following objects was carried out: motel in the settlement of Pushnoye, Lobsky Bereg cottage (Byelomorsk municipal region); Kivach hotel, the first turn of the sports-tourist Alpine skiing center Spasskaya Guba (Kondopoga municipal region); hunting and fishing lodge (Pitkäranta municipal region); Gardarika hotel club, Black Stones hunting reserve, Ruskeala marble mine park (Sortavala municipal region); hunting and fishing lodge and Kormilo farming and tourist facilities (Kostomuksha urban district). The volume of investment on each of objects makes more than 10 million roubles. Important investment object of Prionezhsky municipal region is Yalguba sport and tourist Alpine skiing complex (up to 100 million roubles of investments). One of directions of support of tourism remains active information and advertising promotion of Karelian tourist products in the Russian and international markets of tourist services.

Within 2012 presentation of tourist potential of the republic at 10 international, all-Russian and regional tourist exhibitions was organized. The town of Petrozavodsk was a venue for 2 specialized exhibitions Hunting and Fishing and Travelers' Karelia 2012, information-promotional books and leaflets about the tourist potential of the republic were released.

The XI republican competition Leaders of Karelian Tourist Industry was held in 2012. Support in development of new tourist routes, development of key specialized kinds of tourism (cruise travel, rural tourism, cultural tourism, event tourism, sea tourism) was rendered.

A lot of attention was paid to involving of the population of the republic in tourist activity, increase of availability of tourist education for inhabitants living far from Petrozavodsk, rendering of organizational and methodological support to administrations of municipal formations concerning implementation of tourist projects.

New information technologies take root actively in the process of the state regulation of tourism development, the Information Tourist Center of the Republic of Karelia functions successfully, one of the first in the Northwest of Russia CALL-centers for tourists was created, Internet-resources and electronic services in the sphere of tourism develop, touch-screen electronic kiosks are introduced to provide information to travellers in Karelia.

The draft agreement between the Federal Tourism Agency and the Government of the Republic of Karelia on cooperation in the sphere of tourism is prepared.

Of fundamental importance for development of tourism, strengthening of its economic basis are prepared amendments to the Federal law N132FZ of November 24, 1996 Concerning the Fundamental Principles of Tourist Activities in the Russian Federation. Amendments providing supplementing of the list of powers of bodies of the government of constituent territories of the Russian Federation with powers in the sphere of tourism are directed on creation of the legal framework for development of tourism at all levels of the authority — federal, regional and municipal.

In the year of account the republic has managed to keep one of the leading positions in the sphere of tourism in northwest of Russia. On the number of organized tourists and travellers per 1000 local inhabitants in the federal district the republic is inferior only to St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region. The number of visitors of the basic objects of tourist interest of the republic in 2012 has made: 142 thousand people accounting for Kizhi open-air museum, about 85 thousand people accounting for Kivach natural reserve, about 100 thousand people accounting for the Valaam archipelago, 49 thousand people accounting for Ruskeala marble mine park.

Collective accommodation facilities of the republic are capable of holding accept more than 8150 people simultaneously. The volume of unappropriated investments into objects of tourism infrastructure on results of 2012 has made 570 million roubles, that exceeds the level of 2011 by 11.7%. The gain of the volume of inbound flow of organized tourists and travellers in the Republic of Karelia has made 10.2% and has reached 540 thousand people. The cumulative income of all kinds of inbound tourism in the Republic of Karelia has grown by 13.9% and as a whole has made 5,3 billion roubles, the number of people occupied in tourism in the Republic of Karelia has made 2890 that exceeds the parameter of 2011 by 7%.

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