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The Most Important Dates and Events

Year Events
7000-6000 B.C. The beginning of Karelia inhabitance
12-15 cc. Karelia is part of Novgorod feudal republic.
1227 Baptizing of the Karelians
1478 Karelia is included
in the Russian state
1610-1611 Heroic defense of the town of Korela from the Swedish invaders
1649 Olonets's foundation
1703-1707 Building of Olonetsky Petrovsky plant system
1773-1774 Foundation of Alexandrovsky (now Onezhsky) plant
1861 Opening of a regular transport connection between Petrozavodsk and St.Petersburg.
1869 Foundation of the first steam saw-mill in the region by the merchants Belyaevs in the settlement of Soroka (now the town of Byelomorsk).
1914-1916 Murmansk railway road construction
November 1917 - April 1918    The Soviet power establishment
July 1918 - March 1920 Civil war and foreign intervention in the region
8 of June, 1920 Establishment of Karelian Labor Commune
25 of July, 1923 Establishment of Karelian ASSR
1929 Konopozhskaya pulp and paper mill is the first enterprise of pulp and paper industry in Karelia
31 of March, 1940 Karelian ASSR is reestablished into Karelian-Finnish SSR
June 1941 The Great Patriotic war broke off
December 1941 The Soviet troops seized the enemy attack on the territory of Karelia
June-September, 1944 Karelia was set free from German-Finnish aggressors
16 of July,1956 Karelian-Finnish SSR was reestablished into Karelian SSR
9 of August,1990 State Sovereignty of Karelian ASSR was adopted by the Supreme Soviet of the Republic
13 of November, 1991 Karelian ASSR was renamed into the Republic of Karelia
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