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Economic development of the Republic of Karelia in 2002

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General characteristics of social-economic situation
in the Republic of Karelia

Despite of difficult, and sometimes adverse situation in the branches of economy in 2002, the republic as a whole managed to keep positive dynamics of the basic economic parameters and to execute the majority forecasted parameters.

Growth of manufacture of industrial output (on the cycle of the enterprises) (102.2% to the level of 2001) and volumes of investments in the fixed capital (126.3%) are provided. Real incomes of the population have increased by 18.6%, including wages (by 18.9%) and pensions (by 18.8%), that promoted improvement of the situation in the consumer market. The volume of rendered paid services to the population has increased (by 5.2%), commodity circulation has grown (by 20.0%).

At the same time there was a decrease of industrial outputs on the cycle of large and medium enterprises (98.7%), production of agriculture (95.1%), livestock of cattle (94.2%). Volumes of the foreign trade turnover were reduced (93.5%) due to reduction of volumes of export (91.0%) that has resulted in deterioration of financial results of the activity of exporting enterprises. The profit of the profitable enterprises was essentially reduced (1.9 times), the share of the unprofitable enterprises has increased.

On results of 2002 in the republic as a whole it has been collected 5.4 billion roubles of tax payments in the budgets of all levels that little exceeds the level of 2001. The debts on tax payments (including the payments deferred and suspended to collecting) within one year has almost not changed and by the beginning of 2003 has made 1.5 billion roubles at simultaneous reduction of the shortage by 114 million roubles, or by 15.5%.

As a result of change of the federal tax laws tax load of enterprises and organizations has been essentially decreased, the consolidated budget of the Republic of Karelia has lost more than 300 million roubles in 2002.

Within 2002 in the republic the tendency of delay of inflationary processes was kept, the rate of inflation within one year has made 15.3%, that is 3 percentage points less than the previous year. At the predicted index of consumer prices of 114%, on the average the prices have increased by 14.4%. In industrial sector of economy development of the price situation was positive. The prices of manufacturers of industrial output grew slowler than consumer prices (growth has made 8.3% to the level of 2001). The dynamics of the prices in 2002 was influenced by such factors as increase of the price level and tariffs for production and services of natural monopolies, significant rise in prices of mineral oil, and also the growing demand of the population in process of growth of its real monetary incomes.

Average wages on branches of economy in 2002 have made 4591.4 roubles and have grown by 36.0% in comparison with 2001. Purchasing capacity of wages in view of growth of consumer prices and delayed payment of wages has grown by 16.3%. The total delayed debts on wages on branches of economy for 01.01.2003 has made 115.6 million roubles and has increased by 4.5% in comparison with the beginning of 2002.

The level of officially registered unemployment has made 2.8% to economically active population (2.6% for 01.01.2002).

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