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Economic development of the Republic of Karelia in 2002

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Commodities and Services Market

The basic efforts of the Government in 2002 were directed on fastening of positive dynamics of development of tourist branch and active attraction of investments into the tourist infrastructure in the Republic of Karelia.

In 2002 realization of the republican target program "Development of tourism in the Republic of Karelia for 2000-2002" was completed. Due to active attraction of unappropriated means and means of the republican budget almost all actions of the program were executed. Realization of the international projects was actively accomplished, basic of which is big SBS-TACIS project "Development of frontier tourism in Russian part of the Barents Euro-Arctic Region" with the budget of 1,1 million euros. In 2002 6 new small TACIS projects on development of tourism in the districts of the Republic of Karelia with the common budget of 1,4 million euros were launched.

Process of internal private investment in construction of objects of the infrastructure of tourism became more active. Construction of a 120-place cottage complex for of Alvi Joint-Stock Company continues, Stroiinvestles Open Company finishes works on construction of a 150-place modern tourist and recreational complex in Marcial Waters. In Louhsky district Vika Open Company carries out construction of tourist complexes in Paanajarvi and on the coast of the White sea. Promeks Open Company has finished construction of Kuzova hotel complex of Kem, and here tourist compex's Prichal expansion up to 70 places is carried out. North Inter House Joint-Stock Company accomplishes reconstruction of Vinter's summer residence in Sortavala and construction of tourist small houses in its territory 3 which are already entered into operation. In the same place reconstruction of Volna improving camp of STK-Service Open Company starts. Aviaretro company will carry out work on reconstruction of Elis-club country hotel near Shuiskaua station.

Hotel construction in Petrozavodsk became more active. Prionezhsky club hotel (12 lux and first class rooms) was open on June 18, 2002, is open.

The Information tourist center of the Republic of Karelia has started its activity. The Internet portal was created and has already served 460 Russian and foreign visitors. Opening of the Center has considerably allowed to increase information availability on Karelia as tourist center, has expanded technical opportunities of development and representation of investment projects in the field of tourism, promoted advertising and information promotion of the Karelian tourist product on the Russian and international markets.

In Petropress Publishing House directory guidebook Karelia: mysterious beauty of the Russian North is issued. It contains interesting information on the republic for those who choose it a place of vacation.

The major event was the IIIrd Republican specialized exhibition Karelia the tourist - 2002 held on November 21-23, 2002, in Petrozavodsk and devoted to the 300-th anniversary of Petrozavodsk. About 150 tourist firms, enterprises of tourist branch, professional and public associations, insurance companies, educational institutions, the enterprises of wholesale and retail trade from Karelia, Russia, Finland, the USA, the Great Britain, and Estonia have taken part in the exhibition.

In the republic the multilevel system of tourist education within the framework of which 900 experts of tourist branch are trained is created and successfully works. Last year the Karelian Institute of Tourism (branch of the Russian International Academy of Tourism ) and the Faculty of Tourism of Petrozavodsk State University were open.

Research work on definition of cumulative economic benefit of tourist branch of republic were accomplished by the Government of the Republic of Karelia together with the Institute of Economics of Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Science. Within the period from April through July, 2002, the State Committee on Statistics of the Republic of Karelia held the first republican statistical research of activity of tour agencies.

As a result of the work accomplished the flow of tourists to all basic tourist objects of the republic has increased. Museum reserve "Kizhi" has received and served about 147 thousand visitors (compared to 123 thousand in 2001). The flow of tourists to the islands Valaamsky of archipelago has increased from 70 thousand persons in 2001 up to 80 thousand tourists and pilgrims in 2002. Vodlozersky and Paanajarvi national parks in 2002 have served accordingly 14 thousand and 8 thousand tourists and visitors. Reserve "Kivatch" has received this year up to 30 thousand visitors.

On precomputations, the total number of tourists who have visited the Republic of Karelia last year has reached 1,3 million persons, and the cumulative gross revenue from entrance tourism has made 1,7 billion roubles, that is 36% higher than the level of 2001.

Cost of the given tourist and excursion services has gained 44% increase in 2002 in established prices, and 13.7% increase in the comparable prices.

Fastening of positive dynamics of development of tourist branch and active attraction of investments in the tourist infrastructure is the primary goal of the republican target program "Development of tourism in the Republic of Karelia for 2003-2006".

Taking into account the fact that participation in tourist exhibitions is one of the most effective ways of advertising and information promotion of the tourist product of the region on Russian and international tourist markets, practical demonstration of the real contribution of tourism in the economy of the Republic of Karelia, and of attraction of potential external investors in the infrastructure of tourism of the republic, it is necessary to make active participation in trade fair exhibitions held at the Russian and international levels.

Further development of the branch will be directed on development of tourist infrastructure, improvement of quality of service on tourist routes of Karelia, maintenance of employment of local population, growth of incomes of the tourism received by budgets of all levels.

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