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National park KALEVALSKY

The first wildlife area founded in Russia in the new millennium is Kalevalsky national park established in 2006. The area of the park is more than 74 thousand hectares.

Kalevalsky national park is founded for preservation of a large natural forestland remained in the territory of the Republic of Karelia, as well as for protection of natural and cultural landscape which became the basis of the world-famous Karelian epos Kalevala. By the degree of safety of many types of wood ecosystems, mainly dry pine woods on rocks and fluvio-glacial sediments, Kalevalsky park is unique and has no analogues in Fennoscandia. Except for virgin forest, Kalevalsky park includes many rare marsh and lake ecosystems requiring special protection.

Local landscape is a mosaic of forests, bogs and lakes. Rather a huge lake Lower Lapukka is located in the bordering zone. For centuries this was the place of wild fowl and fish prey. The traces of those times remained till our days - these are ingrown fish-smoking sheds, trees with incisions, marking the borders of hunting grounds, and bait holes. Many trails through the woods were broken by elks, deers and bears. Old roads connecting village, are now hardly seen.

Forests od Kalevala are unique - there is nothing alike anywhere in Europe. They are valuable for their habitat that remained invariable for thousands of years and in which the most fastidious species of animals and plants were kept safe.

In the western part of the park there predominate old-aged fir-trees, and in the eatsern part there prevail pine-trees. Here a traveller sees natural pinery in all its variety. This may be young light forest with trees of the same height, or ripe forest composed of huge trees and young underwood. The noise of streams in deep ravines breakes the silence.

There live bears, and reindeers mincing along the shore with cubs are found there in summer.

In spring the king of the primeval forest golden eagle goes round the bog islands protecting its nest. Fish-hawks are hunting in the lakes. Sometimes white-tailed eagle spreads wings over these places. There are nesting places of the rare species of kite ерфе competes with quiet and large-headed lapland owl. In the beginning of summer on coasts of small marsh lakes there nestle cranes and bean geese, and numerous flocks of geese graze on bogs.

Mode of special protection of the land excluding any activity which may cause damage to natural complexes, flora and fauna objects, cultural and historical objects and which conflict with the national park purposes and tasks is introduced in territory of the park.

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