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Lake Ladoga

Ladoga is the largest lake in Europe with picturesque skerries located in its northern part. A few year ago it has been proposed to establish a nature park there.

Natural beauties contrast there: high steep mountains adjoin with the coastal water meadows located in the lowlands, sparse pines growing on poor rocky soils change into dense thickets of deciduous woods, and arable lands cultivated for centuries alternate with untouched groves.

One of the amazing features of Ladoga skerries is its cliffs called 'reef mountains'. These are rocks reaching up to 80 meters high and dropping steeply to the lake. The highest mountain of the park located in its continental part is mountain Pötsövaara. Its maximum height goes up to 187 m above the smooth surface of the lake and ancient woods. There are high mountains on the neighboring islands – these are the cliff of Pekanriutta that rises up to 92 meters and mountain Kontiosuo rising 89 meters above sea level.

There are carp, whitefish and salmon families in Lake Ladoga. In total, there are 58 fish species. With luck, it is possible to meet the famous Ladoga seal – small sea mammal (up to one and a half meters long), the most ancient dweller of Ladoga.

Reaching Ladoga skerries does not cause much trouble. Those who depart from Petrozavodsk should first head for Pitkäranta (190 km), and then got towards Sortavala (60 km). When departing from St.-Petersburg, it is necessary to move along the coast of Lake Ladoga to Lahdenpohja (250 km).

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