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Lake Onego

Onego is what Karelians call Lake Onego, the main landmark of the region. This reservoir is very picturesque, although its temper is sophisticated. To practice independent navigation in the waters of Onego one should be a skilled yachtsman. In spite of the fact that storm waves in Onego does not rise high, this lake is fraught with danger. Basically, it concerns shallow spots which Karelians call ludy in their dialect. Having striken agound the boat may brake or split in.

To esteem the beauty of Onego skerries, take a look at grandiose rocks and watch beautiful sunset it is not enough just to buy a Cometa hovercraft ticket. These vessels travel on developed navigable passes far from the beauty of the Karelian lake.

Lake Onego attracts tourists with clean water, virgin places, deserted villages and best fishing places. The most popular sights of the lake are:

  • The village of Pegrema and the Unitsa Bay, the Kolgostrov island;
  • Kizhi Skerries;
  • The Oleniy (Deer's) islands, the Volchy (Wolf's) island, the Radkolie island;
  • The cape of Besov Nos;
  • The Murom Monastery;
  • Deserted lighthouses and villages.

The most convenient for tourists means of travel on the lake are yachts and motor boats, in the winter these are snowmobiles, hovercraft, off-road vehicles.

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