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The Marcial Waters Spa

The place that had initiated health resort business in our country is located fifty kilometers from Petrozavodsk, beside the transparent waters of Lake Gabozero. There in 1714 worker of Konchezero blast-furnace factory Ivan Ryaboev discovered a wonderful spring that cured his heart pain.

Having learned about surprising properties of this spring, in 1719 Peter I issued the decree about establishing the Marcial Waters (Martsialnye Vody) spa and special rules of the use of water. Construction of numerous buildings had begun at that time, three wooden palaces were built for the tsar and his family. Over the spring which produced water for the tsar's family and his court there had been built a carved wooden shelter. Peter I himself had been four times to the Marcial Waters spa.

So far of the buildings of Peter's times there remained only the wooden Church of the Apostle Peter constructed in 1721 according to the plan of Peter I. There is a museum which exposition narrates about history of discovering of wonderful springs and creation of the first Russian spa.

Now there is the Marcial Waters spa sanatorium where chalybeate mineral water is used for treatment of various kinds of diseases.

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