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Kivach Waterfalls

Kivach Waterfall (For the 75th anniversary of KIVACH State Nature Reserve)

Kivach Waterfall (For the 75th anniversary of KIVACH State Nature Reserve)

Kivach Waterfalls is the second large in Europe (the first one is Rhein Waterfalls). The height of the waterfalls is 10.7 meters. It is located on the river Suna in central part of Karelia. The waterfall is surrounded by a natural reserve of the same name.

The destiny of this falls is unusual enough, since after partial exporting of the waters supplying it for the needs of Kondopozhskaya hydroelectric power station at the end of the 30-s, it appreciably has lost its former wildness and has grown quiet. Only during spring high waters it wakes up again, but not for long However, even in its usual appearance the falls is still beautiful. The waters of the Suna river compressed by basalt rocks fall downwards heavy cast stream from the eight-meter height forming powerful whirlpool in the foam patches and making impressing noise.

Karelian legend on origination of the waterfall tells about two sister rivers Suna and Shuya which wjould not leave each other and run side by side all the time. Once Suna got tired and lay down to take a rest having let its sister flow down more convenient channel. When it woke up it was surprised to find out that Shuya has gone far away and rushed to catch up with it sweeping down everything in its path. Now, where Suna had broken through the rocks and smashed boulders to pieces there appeared a waterfall.

20-30 more years ago it was possible to see the Onega salmons under the falls, now under the certificate of skin-divers large breams, perches and pikes like to stand at its steep walls.

The falls is situated in the center of the reserve Kivach 60 kms from Petrozavodsk. The beautiful wood road leads to the place bringing annually up to 30-40 thousand tourists there.

The most well-known visitor of the falls is the emperor Alexander II. On the occasion of his arrival (1868) the good road was laid to Kivach, a pavilion on the right coast and the house for the night lodging - on left, and lower than the falls the bridge through the river Suna were constructed. In those old days Kivach had been visited by no more than 200 persons per year.

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