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The Head of the Government of the Republic of Karelia: Position

The first year

S.Katanandov: "We believe in ourselves and in Russia"

"Freedom, justice, wealth are to every Russian. Law, responsibility, stability are to our authorities. Concord, power, prosperity are to the Russian state. We believe in ourselves and in Russia. High living standards in Russia. High living standards in Karelia. We must make out life better. May the old glory of our fatherland be restored. ".

The movement "Fatherland"

STRC "Karelia" May17,1999.

- Dear citizens! Today is the one year anniversary of my taking the position of the Head of the Government RK. A year ago I was showed the honor of electing me as your leader. To my utter disappointment I have to be in Moscow on a business trip. Why do I sorry? There is a lot to be done at home and we have to solve a number of problems. But today a very important sitting of the Federation Council is taking place. We are going to discuss the Primakov government dismissal.

To my mind the President has made a decision correctly. I think it was not an easy decision for him, but there were reasons to make it: the Russian economy is not developing, social-economic problems are slow to be solved. I think much of Eugeniy Maximovich Primakiv. He gave a hand to his people in hard times. Sure, having rich experience, he`ll help Russia but now we need young energetic leaders capable of changing the situation in the country.

I support the President's choice and consider Sergey Vadimovich Stepashin and Nickolai Yemelyanovich Axenenko very reliable leaders. What I like about them? I regard them as "state people". First they care for the state and then for themselves. And if the State Duma will support them, the work of the Government will be more dynamic.

Dear compatriots! You know that the Head of the Government always has a very careful position concerning the political power and party activities. I support as a guarantor of the Constitution on the territory of Karelia those parties which speak in favor of stability in the republic, speak out the truth about the people's lives. Sure it's very important to all parties and movements to be able to stand firm in their positions. Nevertheless as a person and as a citizen responsible for the situation, I'm fully aware of my role and understand that my position is very important for the population. In connection with the above said I like people with common sense, taking pragmatic positions, supporting home manufacturers and doing it, speaking about the role of the state and doing it, speaking about their own people's support and doing it. Yury Michailovich Luzhkov falls into this category. I respect him as a leader. He preaches the centrist views the views of the people who reject both left and right radicalism. I am a man of his team. I`d like to see many high- qualified specialists able to make clear the goals for our people in his team too. It doesn't mean that we deny other movements their rights. I do hear the critical voices and try to consider them in my activities. But I don't like to listen to talkers and shouters.

Considering my participation in the congress I have my own impressions. There was a very serious discussion of the future of Russia. Little criticism of the previous government open the way to specific suggestions on what we have should do to help our home producers, to make the lives of our people richer and more stable.

I can't say I was satisfied with everything at the congress. I think all the programs should be directed to make our voters hear us. Then this movement has its future and the results will be achieved. If we only talk -even with beautiful slogans-then the results will be poor not only for "but also for another movement. In Russia a lot depends on the personality- Yeltsin, Zyuganov, Luzhkov. In this connection I am really concerned with the fact that the whole party goes in line with the personality. I am of the opinion that there should be multi - party system holding the common views. And I preach centrist views, the so called more social-democratic or "central parties", which do exist in many developed countries. And in this context it's very important for "Fatherland" to be transformed into a party of this kind and then people gathered under the flags of "Fatherland", appealed to creation and helped people to organize their lives on the results of their own labor.

But we have our own problems and the Government of the Republic of Karelia tries to solve them. We managed to pay pensions in time. Since the first of June there will be no payment delays for the budget workers. The next stage is the pension and salary increase. The first and the most important: students must finish school, teachers should have the exams, graduates should get ready to enter the universities and teachers must take their holidays being paid the holiday money in time. The second: we should remember that a qualified leader should live according to the saying: "Prepare sledges in summer, coach-in winter.". Getting ready for the winter is a huge problem. We should buy the fuel and repair the system. And it's very important to remember that the harvest in the fall depends on a peasant labor in the spring. What you sow you shall mow. To promote the process the government will go to the districts and help the people to solve the problem: to feed ourselves on our own.

In general we have a lot of work. We'll try our very best to help our veterans and to help people with medicines.

As you see the government is busy with specific things. If there are people who try to earn the cheap authority with the non-constructive criticism I think they are doomed to failure. They can't deceive people, they are clever and are able to make their own conclusions.

A year has passed. What has been done can't be undone. We sum up and solve social problems. I am convinced that this year became a critical one for many people. The population of Karelia and me have made a step to solving social problems on our own. Now we less look at Moscow and expect the help but try to take life by the horns and twist it to our will. It inspires me. It gives me more strength because only with my people I can put my ideas into practice.

The Head of the Government of the Republic of Karelia: Position

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