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16.02.2000 - Ministry of Foreign Relations RK

Ministry of Foreign Relations of the Republic of Karelia

A Visit of RK Delegation to Brussels and Helsinki

February 7-8 a sitting of the Regional Counsel of the Barents Euro-Arctic region was held in Brussels. Business meetings of the regional leaders of North-West of Russia and of the northern territories of Norway, Finland and Sweden with directors of Departments of the European Union Commission were conducted by the deputies of Europarliament. The objective of these meetings were to agree upon the Barents program for 2000-2003 with the programs of technical assistance and regional development of Eurounion, Tacis and Interreg. The Head of the Government of the Republic of Karelia Sergey Katanandov made a report at the sitting of the Regional Counsel. The theme of the report was "Perspectives of the Barents region development and its interaction with the European Union programs".

On February 10 negotiations of the Head of the Government RK with the leaders of the Parliament and the Minister of environment protection were held. At the meeting the issues of mutual settlement on purification systems in Lakhdenpohya and Kostomuksha and perspectives of purification systems constructions in Sortavala were discussed.

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