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19.04.2000 - Press-Service of the Head of the Government RK Informs:

Press-Service of the Head of the Government of the Republic of Karelia


We Seek for Recognition from Russia

The Head of the Government RK Sergey Katanandov
about the 80th anniversary of the Republic of Karelia foundation

A year ago the Legislative Assembly RK approved of the proposal of the Head of the Government RK Sergey Katanandov to celebrate the Day of the Republic of Karelia annually. In 1999 for the first time we celebrated the 79th anniversary of the Karelian state system. On June 8 in 2000 we are going to celebrate the anniversary of the Republic of Karelia foundation.

The Head of the Government RK Sergey Katanandov was interviewed on the significance of the date for our republic at the journalist press-conference.

- Many of the residents of the Republic of Karelia ask: why do we need this holiday? The issue is of great significance. We could choose different ways to lead a decent life. One of them is to work hard and earn our living. Some people have another opinion. They would rather expect aid from Moscow or from anywhere else. We choose the first way. And I have stated initially that the program "Make a step" specifies our goals, our opportunity to live at the expense of our own labor, not waiting for help outside. Today we have the right to say: the step has been made, the republic has achieved a lot for two years. But the main effort is still to be accomplished.

We have another opportunity to live a decent life: we have to develop the status of the republic in the world public opinion and in the opinion of residents of Russia. We have to attract extra resources, money, means, necessary to upgrade our industry and to improve our living standards. We can manage it only trough diligent work.

One of the ways to achieve these goals is to conduct various presentations. Last year we held the days of Karelian culture in Moscow, two large exhibitions of our achievements were also held in Moscow. We showed our potentials. And we hope that this year there will be held a great event - the days of Moscow in the Republic of Karelia. It unites us. It helps us to present the republic in Moscow and in Russia.

We consider the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the republican foundation the event of great importance. We expect the President of Russia Vladimir Putin come for the festivities. We look upon the holiday as our report of what have been done. The strategic goal is to tell the world that the Republic of Karelia is not only rich in forests and lakes but also rich in creative people, to show the world that we have great potentials. We seek for recognition from Russia and from the entire world.

And it's very important for us today to be of one mind, to help each other, to rub shoulders with other people. We can go ahead only helping each other, understanding each other, backing each other. This will help us to pursue the results in economics and community development. That's why we need the measures which help us to be united.

I repeat over and over: the main thing, that unites us is the Republic of Karelia itself. We live in the republic and we lean on the main notions: the Karelian labor commune was founded 80 years ago. In 1920 the republic was mentioned for the first time. And the holiday is dedicated to this event.

The holiday pursues two goals. One of them is to show a visiting card of the Republic of Karelia. Another one is to show the way to unite people. That's why we consider this date of great significance and we make great preparations for the celebration. Fortunately the residents of the Republic of Karelia share my attitude.

The districts of the republic also consider this date very important. Under the aegis of the 80th anniversary great efforts in the areas of culture and local power bodies are being made. I hope that the holiday will leave a feeling of good spirit, appeal to work even better and help to achieve even better results.


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