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Ministry of foreign relations of the Republic of Karelia


The following persons were the members of the official delegation of the Republic of Karelia:

S.Katanandov,-the Head of the Government RK, the leader of the delegation
N.Levin - the Chairman of the House of Representatives of the Legislative Assembly RK
V.Shilnikov - the Chairman of the House of Republic of the Legislative Assembly RK
V.Shlyamin - the Minister of foreign relations RK

The delegation has been visiting the province of Tromse (Norway) for two days (June 19-20, 2000) on the invitation of Ronald Rindesty - the Head of the Province Parliament.

The cooperation between the Republic of Karelia and the province of Tromse dates back to May 27, 1994, when the Agreement on cooperation was signed. Tromse and the Republic of Karelia are the members of the regional Barents Euro-Arctic regional Council.

For the first time after the election of the Head of the Government and the Legislative Assembly RK in 1998 a foreign visit of the official delegation of the republic which included the representatives of the executive and legislative branches of power was held. Great expectations were laid upon this visit in the aspect of acquiring new impulse of Karelian-Norwegian economic, scientific and cultural relations development, and these expectations came true.

Profound negotiations between the leaders of the two territories through the entire spectrum of cooperation were conducted.

First the delegation visited the university - one of the largest institutions of higher education in Barents region. The result of the visit was strengthening relations between Tromse university and Petrozavodsk State university including exchange students and teachers programs.

During the visit of the province hospital the delegation managed to reach the agreement on cooperation in the area of telemedicine (medical consultations through telecommunication).

A number of the enterprises of the province, interested in long-term economic cooperation with the Republic of Karelia were visited.

For instance, the firm "Refa" specialized on fish-breeding has already had a joint venture with Karelian partners. The issues of fish-breeding in the White sea and fresh inland waters of the republic were discussed.

The possibility of putting into practice the joint project "Norwegian House" in the capital of the republic served as a center for joint Karelian - Norwegian entrepreneurship support was discussed with a construction firm.

Karelian delegation could also visit one of the province schools in the commune of Shevegan. 330 students study at the school, majoring in the following subjects:

  • general subjects, economics and administration;
  • medical service and social protection;
  • fine arts (painting, sculpture etc.);
  • hospitality and food industry;
  • mechanical handling.

The school has a joint project with school N 11 of Petrozavodsk.

The issues of state, regional and local power division were discussed.

S. Katanandov and the members of the delegation met with journalists of Tromse newspapers, with folklore ensembles "Buknakaren" (Tromse) and "Rosyenka" (Petrozavodsk), they have been in cooperation for three years. At the end of the visit they met with the society of friendship "Norway-Karelia". Then the Agreement on cooperation for 10 years and the Protocol on agreement for 2000-2002 were signed.


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