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04.08.2000 - ITAR-TASS Informs:

The Head of the Republic of Karelia Sergey Katanandov: All the Governors should be Included into the State Council

PETROZAVOSK, August 4 /The Itar-Tass corr. Vladimir Zlobin /. "At the Valdai meeting the governors of West-North checked their watch with the President's one,- Sergey Katanandov described the meeting held by Vladimir Putin figuratively.

"The President dispelled our doubts that the governors' role will be diminished in connection with the vertical power reform, - he stated in the interview to the Itar-Tass correspondent,- The President is still of the opinion that governor is a key figure of power at the regional level".

Sergey Katanandov considers that all the governors should make up the State Council and it should be headed by the President. Sergey Katanandov doesn't back up the suggestion to introduce the chairmen of the legislative bodies. He is against two branches of power being mixed up.

After Storms and Rains on the Onego Lake Four Yachts didn't Reach the Finish Line

PETROZAVOSK, August 4 /The Itar-Tass corr. Vladimir Zlobin /. Today the "Onega- 2000" yacht competition has been finished. 41 boats took part in it.

But not all of them could make it up to the finish line. Severe storms broke 11 yachts. Seven managed to get repaired and continue racing. 4 had to go back home.

The referees named the winners: the Moscow yacht "Musson" , the captain Igor Ruminsky, the St.Petersburg yacht "Figi", the captain Andrei Nikanorov, the Moscow yacht "Sea Star", the captain Yuri Bolotin, the Petrozavodsk yacht "Helmi", the captain Dmitry Nikulichev and "Ural" from Yekaterininburg, the captain Yuri Kruchenkov.

SERGEY KATANANDOV: "We Checked Our Watches with the President's One at the Valdai Meeting"

Mass media publications sowed the seeds of doubts and anxiety among the governors before their meeting with the President of the country held on August 3 in Valdai President`s residence . The publications tried to discredit local power bodies. "First thing at the meeting we discussed the above mentioned issue,- the Head of the Republic of Karelia, the Head of the Government Sergey Katanandov said in his interview to the Itar-Tass correspondent.- Mass-media motivation was simple: the President doesn't need the governors any longer. He will rule the country by the district representatives".

But Vladimir Putin dispelled the governors` doubts. The President considers forming new ruling structure of great importance. But this innovation shouldn't influence the President - governors relations. "The President is still sure that the key figure at the regional level is a governor",- Sergey Katanandov says.

One of the main issues discussed at Valdai meeting was the issue of State Council formation. "We agreed upon two main functions of the State Council: human resources appointments, especially judges and prosecutors and agreement procedures between the government and the Duma in most important regional issues including budget. To adopt laws shouldn't be a prerogative of the State Council".

Sergey Katanandov considers that 100% of the governors should make up the State Council. This is not only his own opinion, all the governors think so. "We doubt about including representatives of legislation regional bodies. In this case we'll have a mixture of two power branches, and this is the road to nowhere".

The second section of the Valdai meeting was devoted to the federal government - regional relations. "The minister Gref made a report which was followed by a discussion. It was a tough discussion,- Sergey Katanandov says. - We were not all for his suggestions, especially in the section of economic reform. Time lacking we were not able to discuss in detail a new customs codex. We backed up the main idea of decreasing tariffs. But we are worried that our peasants might turned out unprotected from foreign goods flood".

The Head of the Government of the Republic of Karelia put forward a question on forest customs fees. It was agreed that the government RF will discuss the issue in the Fall and the fees would be decreased.

An unpleasant discussion took place about bringing in line regional and federal legislation. The General Prosecutor severely criticized the Republics of Komi and Karelia. "He is of the opinion that the process is slow, and I could agree with him,- highlighted the Head of the Government of Karelia. - But we have a schedule, and we are working on it. This is a process, and it couldn't be done overnight. And we wouldn't like federal officials forcing our deputies to accelerate the process. I was promised not to be pushed, and in my turn I promised to bring the republican legislation in line with the federal one in accordance with the schedule".

The interview was taken by Vladimir Zlobin, /the Itar-Tass corr. /, August 4, 2000.


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