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First Night of the Ballet "Sampo" Remake of Musical Theater of the Republic of Karelia in Savonlinna (Finland)

On August 9 the opening night of the ballet "Sampo" Remake by H. Sinisalo was staged by Musical Theater of the Republic of Karelia in Savonlinna (Finland).

Savonlinna is located within 330 km distance north-west from Helsinki in the Province Eastern Savo. The population makes up about 29 thousand.60% of the population is employed in trade, transportation and service because the most popular tourist sights of Finland are situated there.

The history of the town is closely connected with the ancient fortress of Olavinlinna. The settlement grew near the fortress walls. In 1639 it was granted the rights and privileges of a town. Being a cross-border region between the West and the East, the territory survived a lot of wars. The fortress, founded in 1475 to defend the eastern Swedish frontier, often changed hands. The Finns, Swedes and Russians owned and built it in turns. Olavinlinna is the best preserved fortress in the North of Europe.

Every year in July at the stage built in the yard of the ancient fortress the Opera festival is held. This is the largest cultural event in Finland. More than 80 spectators are coming to Savonlinna.

The first night of the ballet "Sampo" was staged at the Musical theater of the Republic of Karelia in 1959. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the epos quot;Kalevala" the remake of the ballet was staged.

The Prime-Minister of Finland Paavo Lipponen has made great contribution to the revival of the ballet. The ambassador of Russia in Finland Alexander Patsev, the official delegation headed by the Head of the Government RK Sergey Katanandov, the mayor of Savonlinna Jorma Auvinen were present at the opening night performance on August 9.

The concert of the symphonic orchestra of the Musical theater RK will be held at the stage of the ancient fortress on August 11.

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