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16.10.2000 - News from the Government of RK

News from the Government of RK

Days of Culture of the Republic of Karelia in the Republic of Belorus'

On the 10-11 of October, in the Belorussian Republic the days of Culture of the Republic of Karelia were held. This was possible due to the personal agreement between the Chairman of the Republic of Karelia, Sergey Katanandov and the President of the Belorussian Republic, Alexander Luckashenko.

The official delegation from the RK, headed by the Deputy of the Chairman of the Government of RK, Andrey Kriger, met with the Chairman of the Board of the National Council of Belorus' Pavel Shipuk and with the Deputy of the Prime-Minister of the Belorussian Republic, Pavel Dolgov.

They have discussed the perspectives of collaboration between the Karelian and Belorussian enterprises, as well as, the forms of government support of economical projects and the possibility of conducting the Day of the Belorussian Republic in the Republic of Karelia.

The official delegation visited the enterprise "ITEK" which produces the dental equipment; it also met with the family of sportsmen, Ivan Luppen and Alevtina Ojnonen. Alevtina is from Petrozavodsk, she has been one of the first members of the ensemble "Kantale." The official delegation of Karelia has also visited the memorial in Khatyn' to those who were burned alive in 186 villages by the fascists.

The performances by the artistic ensembles of Karelia, such as "Kantale," "Zoryanye," folk theatre "Karelian Parlor," and children's ensembles "Kruuga" and "Star Constellation" were a big hit in Belorussia

The Minister of Culture of the Belorussian Republic, Alexander Sosnovskiy noted that he admired the mastery of the Karelian artists. He also noted that although the two cultures are independent, they can only dvelop by influencing each other.

During the two days, habitants of Minsk had the opportunity to visit the exhibition "People's crafts in Karelia. Traditions. Art." "Karelian Souvenirs" factory "Prionejskiy," "Zaonejskiy Embroidery" and "Colored Stones" all took part in the exhibition. There was also a photo exhibition of Semen Maisterman "My Land, Karelia!"

The official representatives of the Republic of Belorus' and the workers from the Russian Embassy in Belorus', who took part in business meetings and cultural events, expressed their thanks to the Karelian delegation and its head , Andrey Kriger.


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