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24.10.2000 - Press-Service of the Head of the Government of RK informs:

Press-Service of the Head of the Government of the Republic of Karelia

"These meetings are very important for us"

S.KatanandovP.LipponenOn October 23, the Head of the Republic of Karelia, Sergey Katanandov met with the Prime- Minister of Finland, Paavo Lipponen. Here's a commentary on the meeting from Mr. Katanandov: "I have requested this meeting from Mr. Lipponen, while he visited Karelia this summer, for the opening ceremony of the memorial in Pitkjarnta region-"Cross of Sorrow."

During our meeting, first of all, I thanked Mr. Lipponen for giving the opportunity to our National Ballet to perform the ballet "Sampo" in the city of Savonlinna. This performance was possible, partially, thanks to the efforts of the Prime-Minister.

We also discussed our relations in the sphere of economy: perspective of realizing the collaborative project with company "Anso-Stura" on building the timber-processing factory in Sortavala Region, questions on border-control collaboration, development of our Northern territories.

Many people know that Finland, as well as, Mr. Lipponen personally have developed the international program "Northern Measure." On the base of this program we have worked out a Karelian program of Border Control Partnership. I have shown this program to the Finnish Prime-Minister.

These meetings are very important for us, noted Sergey Katanandov, because we discuss vital questions; today we have planned collaborative activities for the next year. The Prime-Minister confirmed Finland's resolution to support the building of the cleaning facilities in Sortavala. This is a very important project for us, and from the point of view of Mr. Lipponen, it fits very well in the frame work of "Northern Measure," and other projects between Russia and Finland.

During the same day, Mr. Katanandov has also met with the representative from the co. "Sonera," strategical partner of the Karelian "Electrosvyaz'" They have discussed the development of the telecommunication. "We would like for the bordering regions of Karelia-Sortovala, Kostomuksha, Lahdenpohya, to have a constant connection with other regions and with the rest of the world"- noted Mr. Katanandov.

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