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24.10.2000 - News from the Ministry of Foreign Relations of the Republic of Karelia

Ministry of Foreign Relations of the Republic of Karelia

Program of a Border Partnership Has Been Accepted

By the resolution of the Government of the Republic of Karelia 279-II, from 16.10.2000, the "Program of Border Partnership for the years 2001-2006" has been accepted.

The main developer of the Program is the Ministry of International Relations of the Republic of Karelia. The program clearly and concisely explains the opinion of the Government of RK on all the vital questions of the border control partnership; it formulates goals and the mechanisms for their realization. In the opinion of developers and independent experts, the document is unique for the subjects of the Russian Federation. Thus, this program will not only be of interest to the foreign countries, but also to the Federal Committee, Duma, Government of RF, Ministry of Economy Development, as well as, to the business spheres. The program will also strengthen the positive image of Karelia in Russia and Europe.

Program of Border Partnership for the years 2001-20006, answers to the questions of developing our Republic in the coming years. As the economical integration between Russia and other European countries grows, the importance of external economical ties of the Republic of Karelia, as a region of Russia, will increase. In recent years the ties between Russia and Finland have been activated. This positively influenced the Karelia- Finland relations, by enhancing the business activity and developing new forms of collaboration. In February 2000, a document about the creation of Euroregion "Karelia" was signed. This is a unique region on the border of Russian Federation and European Union. As the economical integration between Russian and countries of the European Union grows, so does the importance of the external economical ties of the Republic of Karelia as a region of Russia.

The program takes into consideration the ideas from the cities and regions of Karelia, as well as from the ministries and scientific organizations. It is directed towards the mid-speed perspective and is based on the Concept of Social and Economical Development of Karelia and the Program "Main Directions of Activities of the Government of the Republic of Karelia in the Sphere of Development of the International Relations for the years 1999-2002". Besides that, the Program is a logical supplement from the Russian side of the already developed programs of border partnership with the European Union- Interreg-III-V (for the Baltic regions) and Interreg-III-A (including the program Interreg-III-A Karelia) for the years 2000-2006.

The main objectives of the Program are:

  • search and attraction of additional financial resources, for the economical and social spheres, to the Republic of Karelia;
  • attraction of new technologies and scientific developments to the Republic of Karelia and scientific collaboration;
  • training of qualified experts abroad, first of all in the sphere of government and municipal leadership, and business;
  • formation of the image of Republic of Karelia, as an attractive region for foreign investors.

Main aims of the Program are:

  • Development of partnership between the Republic of Karelia and regions of Finland: Northern Pohyanmaa, Kainuu, Northern Karelia. Of big importance is also the partnership with Central Finland, Southern Karelia and Savo.
  • Development of ties between cities and regions of the Republic of Karelia and Finnish communities and cities. Further development of existing contacts and activation of economical relations between the partners. Karelian-Finnish Advice Committee may positively influence on the implementation of this aim.
  • Participation in the governmental working group on cooperation in the frontier regions of Finland and Russia according to the agreement from 20.01.92. One of the main objectives of the partnership is the perfection of the process of selection and coordination of project initiatives by the partners.
  • Participation of the Republic of Karelia and Finnish partners in the programs of international organizations: Northern Advice Board, Advice Board of Barents Euro-Artic region.
  • Development of ties with the provinces of Finland, first of all, with Oulu and Eastern Finland in the sphere of risque mission and police cooperation.

For the realization of the Program, it is necessary to have the help from the Ministry of International relations of the Republic of Karelia in the sphere of border control partnership.

The Ministry of International relations of the Republic of Karelia will be in charge of the Program.

The following results are expected within the realization of the Program:

  • creation of the system of development, financing and realization of international projects;
  • expertise approval of projects;
  • mutually approved proposals for their confirmation by Euroregional and European Committees ;
  • improvement of border-custom infrastructure;
  • development of the joint process for solving problems, connected with decreasing of the ecological risks, unemployment, preservation of cultural monuments, development of international tourism.

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