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15.12.2000 - News from the Press-Service of the Head of the Government of the RK

Press-Service of the Head of the Government of the Republic of Karelia

Head of Karelia, Sergey Katanandov:
"The Congress Think Positively of our Work"

In the evening of December 13, S. Katanandov returned from Helsinki, where he was heading the Republic's delegation on the III World Congress of Finnish-Ugorian Peoples.

S. In the airport "Besovets" Katanandov answered journalists' questions about the congress and noted that the meeting was conducted on the high level, "constructively, without "left-wing" and "right-wing" parties. All the participants knew what they were talking about. That is very good, because radicals shouldn't be involved in the discussion of the Nationality questions."

One of the main topics of the Congress, was the economical situation in the regions, where the Finnish-Ugorian people live, as well as, the preservation of their culture. "Our representatives have honestly said in their presentations that life is not easy and that there are many problems in the Republic, - said Mr. Katanandov, - but we also talked that we find time to solve nationality problems, trying to determine the status of the Karelian language."

The development of the new Constitution of the Republic was also discussed at the Congress. The members of the Karelian delegation told in detail about the process of development of it. "The Congress thinks positively of our work, - noted Katanandov, - but first of all, the citizens of Karelia have to estimate what we do. We finished working on Constitution, but we still have discussions ahead."

Sergey Katanandov also thanked the Government and the people of Finland for a well-organized work of the Congress. "It seemed that the hosts were interested in the positive outcome of the Congress," - said the Head of the Republic.


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