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02.04.2001 - Press-Service of the Government RK Informs

Press-Service of the Government of the Republic of Karelia

Delegation of the USA General Consulate Arrived in the Republic of Karelia

On April 3 the delegation of the USA General Consulate in St. Petersburg led by the General Consul Paul Smith arrived in Petrozavodsk. The visit is aimed at getting acquainted with the republic, meetings and negotiations with the lead people of the republic, focusing on the USA and the Republic of Karelia relations development issues.

At present, 25 businesses is registered in the Republic of Karelia with the USA investors. The activities they pursue lie in the areas of timber industry, trade, and commercial agencies. The sum of American investment has made up more than $8 mln recently in the form of the fees in authorized capital, and the credits received from the foreign co-owners.

Within the frames of two-days visit of the American delegation, the USA General Consul Paul Smith is planning to meet with the First Vice Prime-Minister of the Republic of Karelia Victor Maslyakov, the Minister of Foreign Relations Valery Shlyamin. Presentation of the companies-participants of American Trade Mission will also be held during the visit.

Moscow Values the Karelian Forest

Our republic will become a region where the privileged projects of the Strategy Development Center will be carried out to lead the forest-timber complex of Russia out of crisis.

On March 28-29 the Sitting on the issues of attracting investment to the Russian forest industry complex, arranged by Vnesheconom bank, Forest Industry Union, and the Russian Bank of Development was held. Besides, the workshop "The Strategy of the Russian FIC Development" was also held under the aegis of the Fund "Strategy Development Center". The sittings were attended by the lead people of the regions, the FIC enterprises of Russia and the countries of the EEU, some ministers, and committees.

As Victor Maslyakov, the First Deputy of the Head of the Government of the Republic of Karelia informed, the issues of forest industry complex, discussed at the sitting, are similar for a number of regions of Russia. The main reasons of low investment attraction of the FIC businesses are their finance-economic instability, lack of qualified managers, able to adapt the timber industry for free market economy.

There are good prospects for the forest industry: if it was used more efficiently, then the economical potential could have reached $100 mlrd as minimum. At present its trade turnover makes up $6,4, e.i. only 6% of the potential.

Being the most forest country of the world, Russia doesn't have a governmental structure, aimed at integrated national forest policy. Now the Department of Minpromnauka, with only 45 employees, heads the forest industry. As it was pointed out, canceling the structure ruling the forest industry led to destabilization of the industry at all levels.

The main trends and stages of development of Russian forest industry complex until 2010, worked out by the Fund "Strategy Development Center", were discussed at the workshop. Two regions were chosen for the privileged Strategy Development Center projects - Leningradskaya oblast and the Republic of Karelia. Last updated: 5 April 2001

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