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09.04.2001 - Press-Service of the Government RK Informs

Press-Service of the Government of the Republic of Karelia

Education Reform Working Group Makes Suggestions to Vladimir Putin

The other day the members of the education reform working group, attached to the State Council, Andrey Krieger, the Deputy of the Head of the Government of the Republic of Karelia and Galina Razbivnaya, the Minister of Education, came back home from Moscow. In Moscow they conducted a number of working meetings for the first sitting of the education reform working group. They met with the staff of the Administration of the President of Russian Federation, with V. Fillipov, the Minister of Education of Russia, and discussed in particular his visit to the Republic of Karelia scheduled for April 21.

As Galina Razbivnaya put it, our colleagues from the federal ministry pointed out that some of the projects and proposals on education reform had been declared, but they were not backed by the teachers. "Our task today," said Galina Razbivnaya " to share all that had been already made in the area of education in the Republic of Karelia."

Andrey Krieger pointed out, that the education reform working group of the Republic of Karelia made some proposals to the working group of the State Council. They believe that the main principals should be as follows: solving fundamental goals of Russian development via education development; fulfilling social guarantees of the government for the participants of the education process; defining legislative base for educational institutions and the order of regulation of financial relations with the government..

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