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23.04.2001 - Press-Service of the Government RK Informs

Press-service of the Government of the Republic of Karelia

Minister of Education Of Russian Federation Vladimir Filippov:
"The Head of the Government RK Sergey Katanandov Dedicated His Birthday to the Sphere of Education"

Meeting at the railroad station On April 21 the Minister of education of Russian Federation Vladimir Filippov came to the Republic of Karelia.

In the course of the meeting with the Head of the Government RK, the member of the presidium of the State Council Sergey Katanandov the issues of the future sitting of the group on education reform that will be held on April 26 in Moscow and possible signing of the agreement between the Ministry of education of Russia, the Government RK and Petrozavodsk state university on the partial participation in lab college construction were discussed.

Meetings with the Teachers of the Republic of Karelia The Minister of education of Russian Federation Vladimir Filippov met with faculty members of Petrozavodsk state university, college instructors, members of Karelian government, deputies of the Legislative Assembly, teachers from the districts of the republic, journalists, students.

The meeting was translated in "life transmission" via Internet.

In his speech rector of PetrGu Victor Vassilyev admitted significant role of the Head of the Government RK in education development in the republic. "We'd like to discuss the prospects of higher education in Russia," the rector said.

Vladimir Filippov congratulated Sergey Katanandov on the occasion of his birthday and said, "I am happy that Sergey Katanandov had dedicated his birthday to the Russian education."

In his talk V. Filippov told about innovations in higher, high, and primary schools. He stated, "The priorities are efficiency and availability of education and investment for education. The talk followed by discussion and answering numerous questions.

The Head of the Government RK Sergey Katanandov Sergey Katanandov said that he had a number of proposals for education reform, and he would like to discuss them with teachers.

He believes that education development is possible only if state system of education would be revived and if a teacher's salary would be equal to that of government employees. On hearing the latter, the audience broke into applause.

Sergey Katanandov set forth his vision of the issue at the meeting held at the Palace of children creativity in front of the city high schools teachers. "I'd like all the teachers of the republic to see that the President of Russia takes care of the education reform."

The Minister of education V. Filippov revealed in his talk the main trends of the policy of the Government of Russia on school education, answered the question of salary increase, night schools, attestation issues, class advisors.

After that the ceremony of awarding the best teachers of the republic took place. The prize-winners of the "Teacher of the Year-2001" contest were given their awards by the Minister of Education of Russia and the Head of the Government RK.

Taking her award, Nina Zalisina, the teacher from Segezhsky district, said,

"Our teachers are the most valuable assets of educational system. Give them decent salaries, make them proud, don't let them leave school - then all Russia would thank you!'

Valentina Kurokhina from Kostomuksha conveyed the views of the participants of the meeting,

" Thank you for your attention and consideration. Now we know that the Government both of Russia and Karelia do hear us and ready to take the burden of responsibility in the sphere of education."

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