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23.04.2001 - Press-Service of the Head of the Government RK Informs

Press-Service of the Government of the Republic of Karelia Informs

Minister of Education is Ready to Come Back to the Republic of Karelia

The Minister of education of Russia Vladimir Filippov Summing up the work of Karelian regional working group of education reform, V. Filippov stated that he was ready to come back to the Republic of Karelia. He admitted that the visit had been busy but fruitful.

The Minister of Education RK Galina Razbivnaya made a remark that a lot of documents that teachers made use of had appeared recently.

The meeting came to the conclusion that despite of the abundance of the documents on education development the most important one is still missing, namely the document: "Education Reform." "I work in the State Council in different areas of the reform," Sergey Katanandov said. "May be we have to delete the word "reform? People dislike the word, and treat it negatively. Instead we might name it the program of education reconstruction. What do you think?" he asked his colleagues.

The majority of the working group members backed his proposal, and only the Deputy of the Minister of education of Russia Anatoly Karmazin opposed to him.

" Changing the word "reform" might give an illusion to the members of the State Council that the issues are being solved," he said. "In my opinion, we must sharpen the issue and speak about profound reform."

Having listened to all opinions, Sergey Katanandov said that the solution was outside Petrozavodsk competence and that the Minister of education of Russian Federation and he would take the responsibility of making the right decision.

The participants of the sitting have discussed possible stages and ways of education reform. The first stage, as everybody agreed upon, is the most challenging one: it deals with the most challenging issues, such as the increase of teachers' status; making understandable that the government takes care of teachers; giving to the education the state status back; working out the issue of budget and outside budget financing, and others. The members of the working group also discussed experiments at schools and came to conclusion that it's time consuming. They also discussed the 12 items of the president education reform program, especially the increase of financing for education of the budgets of all levels, provision of independence of educational institutions, the attestation system and a lot more.

Summing up, V. Filippov confessed that he grew very interested of "Karelian approach" and that he tried to work on the reformation issues not only with minister staff, but also with regional teachers, using their rich experience. "The Republic of Karelia leaves behind other regions in information technologies and their use in education," the minister said.

Sergey Katanandov concluded that the visit of Russian Minister to the republic and his meetings with teachers had been of great significance.

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