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23.04.2001 - Press-Service of the Government RK Informs

Press-Service of the Government of the Republic of Karelia

Victor Cherkesov Visited Industrial Enterprises of the Republic of Karelia

Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of Russian Federation in Northern-Western federal district Victor Cherkesov, accompanied by the Head of the Government RK Sergey Katanandov, his first Deputy Victor Maslyakov, the ministers of Karelian Government visited the industrial enterprises of the republic.

V. Cherkesov has visited one of the largest in the Republic of Karelia enterprises "Onega Tractor Plant", producing tractors, trailer tractors and spare parts. The chief of the marketing department Victor Toschakov told about the resrtcurazation which took place last year. At present "Onega Tractor Plant" structured as follows: the leading enterprise - the plant itself and about twenty affiliated enterprises: repair shop, service shop, instrumental shop, and others. One of the most challenging issues for the enterprise is expected decrease of tractor production because of low buying capacity of logging enterprises, though marketing department tries its best to look for possible sales markets, and not only in the North-West part of Russia, but also in the Far East and in the Ural region.

At the meeting held at АООТ "Оnega Tractor Plant" the issues of efficient work of enterprises were discussed. Victor Cherkesov said that all the problems are very important for Russia in general and for North-West particularly, where this branch of industry is one of the most significant. He announced that soon "the forest forum" would be held aimed at changing forest laws and regulations. Victor Cherkesov said that he was ready to stand up for the proposals at the highest government level.

In the Government of the Republic of Karelia the meeting with the leaders of the largest enterprises of the republic was held. Sergey Katanandov was in chair. The leader spoke of the most important issues , such as high custom taxes, energy supply rates increase, lack of domestic investment for industries development.

Sergey Igritsky, the chairman of the board of directors of Ilyinsky sawmill, made a remark that to his mind, there were three levels: an enterprise, republican power, and federal power. "We are responsible for making decisions and putting them into practice on each level. If you ask for our responsibilities, then we also have the right to anticipate that Government will be responsible for economy reforms."

Victor Cherkesov called the meeting "discussion of mutual responsibilities".

"We are united by our responsibilities," V. Cherkesov pointed out. "Today is the time for dependable people, those who survived the very complicated period and made their enterprises profitable. We have made the most difficult steps. If there is a history, there will be a continuation."

Victor Cherkesov said that when the visit was planned, it was scheduled as a dialog of two parties considering their responsibilities and relations. "The President of Russia puts forward the main principle in front of the Plenipotentiary Representatives - being able to hear and understand the country," V. Cherkesov said. " We have to understand the real life of the country. The meeting contributed a lot to our understanding of the processes, taking place in the industry of the republic."

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