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27.04.2001 - Press-Service of the Government RK Informs

Press-Service of the Government of the Republic of Karelia

V.Maslyakov is Appointed the Leader of "Karellesprom"

On April 27, 2001the Board of the directors of the Open stock society "Forest Industrial Holding Company "Karellesprom" appointed the general director AK "Karellesprom" V. Maslyakov.

Forest industrial complex takes a leading position in the structure of the economy of the republic, more than half of all employees work here. The functioning of the industry directly influences the social-economic development of the republic including entering of the means to the budgets of all levels, payment of social benefits, salaries, entering to the pension fund, i.e. the level of life.

That's why the issue of strengthening the industry is a priority for the republican power. Strengthening of the economy one have to start from the forest industry, and the industry is from staff strengthening. Staff rotation has been taken place earlier. The appointments of the leaders of the largest enterprises V. Preminin and Yu. Ponomarev gave positive effect to the industry.

At present the Government is working on the Program of social-economic development till 2006. The Republic of Karelia takes the next step in its development. That's why we can't afford to have that load of unsolved problems in the key branch of the industry. Judging by the results of 2000, the volume of logging decreased by 7% in comparison with 1999, the budgets of all levels lost more that 30 mln roubles. There are also difficulties in wood-processing industry, which suffers losses in general.

The key place in the structure of forest industrial complex takes АК "Karellesprom". It is expected that V. Maslyakov's appointment the leader of "Karellesprom" would have positive impact on the processes of overcoming negative tendencies in forest branch development. The Government of the Republic of Karelia determined the main trends in forest industrial complex development till 2001. They envision:

  • stable work of logging enterprises,
  • renovation of fixed funds,
  • cost decrease on the base of business-planning accomplishment,
  • new products outcome, using coniferous and low-grade wood,
  • increase of government influence on price policy of enterprises,
  • investment attraction and search of new sales markets.

The solution of these tasks will allow to make a new step in the economy development and social projects accomplishments. Victor Maslyakov's appointment will strengthen the government influence on the forest industry, strengthen Karellesprom, improve the interaction of the Government of the republic with the leaders of forest industrial complex of the Republic of Karelia.

At present the candidatures for the position of the First Deputy of the Head of the Government are being discussed. Last updated: 28 April 2001

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