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Press-Service of the Head of the Government of the Republic of Karelia

Relations between the European Union and the Republic of Karelia Developed

In the coming years relations between the European Union and the Republic of Karelia might become closer and more fruitful. It was stated by S. Katanandov, the Head of the Government RK on coming back from Brussels. The members of Karelian delegation were V. Shlyamin, the Minister of foreign relations RK and D. Bazegsky, the Chief of the department of international projects and programs. The objective of the visit was promotion of the interests of our republic within the TACIS and Interreg programs. In the course of the visit negotiations in the head- quarters of Commission of European Communities (CEC) were held. The delegation got acquainted with the activities of the Representative of the Union of communes of Eastern Finland in Brussels. In the course of the meetings, the TACIS projects accomplishments in the Republic of Karelia were discussed.

In particular, the European Union will allocate more than 7 mln Euro for the construction of the international automobile check- in point in Louhsky district and more than 4 mln Euro for sewage construction in Sortavala. "The issues of the possibility of construction two more check-in points and sewage construction in Pudozh, Belomorsk, and Medvezhegorsk were seriously discussed," S. Katanandov pointed out.

In fact, the EU participation in the projects might be considered as grants for the Republic of Karelia, because "financial participation of the republic is not significant," the Head of the Government RK explained. He highlighted the fact that "the republic has no means for these constructions today," that's why the assistance of the European Union can't be underestimated."

At the same time S. Katanandov believes that the republic will find the necessary means for infrastructure development to make the check-in points function properly. The Republic of Karelia "will take the responsibilities of road construction and power supply lines," the Head of the republic said. "These issues are challenging, but we have to solve them to make the northern parts of the republic more attractive for the residents. Otherwise, we'll have to move them from the northern parts of the republic," S. Katanandov explained.

"The problems of the Republic of Karelia are well- known to the leadership of the European Union," Sergey Katanandov said. " Our republic is of great interest for Europe. Not accidentally in late June the republic will receive the delegations of the northern countries and ambassadors of the European states."

The Visit of Igor Ivanov, Minister of Foreign Affairs, to the Republic of Karelia

The visit of Igor Ivanov, Minister of foreign affairs RF, is scheduled on May 10, 2001. Sergey Katanandov, Head of the Government of the Republic of Karelia, believes that this is the evidence of the growing interest of the Government of Russia to the issue of cross-border cooperation.

Sergey Katanandov regards the visit as "very important for the republic". The Government of the Republic of Karelia will try its best to receive the VIP, "one of the most well-known politicians and leaders in Russia."

The Republic of Karelia Supports Vladimir Putin

Sergey Katanandov, Head of the Government of the Republic of Karelia, regards the 12 months of Vladimir Putin's presidentship as "a year of very intensive and serious work."

" I can't help saying over and over that the Republic of Karelia backs V. Putin's activities, aimed at strengthening the power vertical and controlling over financial-commercial structures," S. Katanandov says. " It's an open secret, that social exfoliation has increased in recent years. That's why people support President's actions in tax collection and social programs accomplishment: they can see and enjoy the results of the President's policy."

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