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31.05.2001 - ITAR-TASS Informs:

The Agreement Between the Republic of Karelia and Saratovskaya Oblast

PETROZAVODSK, May 31 /The ITAR-TASS corr. Vladimir Zlobin/. Dmitry Ayatskov, Governor of Saratovskaya oblast is coming to the Republic of Karelia today. He is planning to sign the Agreement on cooperation with the Karelian government. As the ITAR-TASS correspondent was informed at the Ministry of ecomony RK, the Agreement would envision the basics of relations between the two regions in the areas of economy, culture, and research. More specific discussion will be held at the end of the year. According to preliminary information, Saratovskaya oblast is to supply our republic with trollybuses, corn, vegetables; the Republic of Karelia will deliver timber, newspaper, paperboard, costruction stone.

Minister of Railroad Communication RF is Coming to the Republic of Karelia with an Inspection Visit

PETROZAVODSK, May 31 /The ITAR-TASS corr. Vladimir Zlobin /. Nickolai Aksenenko, Minister of railroad communication RF, is coming with an inspection visit to the Republic of Karelia. In the course of the visit, he is going to see the railroad construction and reconstruction sites. First of all, the Minister is planning to visit the railroad "Ledmosero-Kochkoma", which is being constructed in the north of the republic. The road is 126 km in length. So far 400 mln rbl has been put into the construction from the MRC budget this year, and the regular traffic is to be started in the nearest future. With the railroad put into practice, Russia would get access to the five sea ports of Finland via the Republic of Karelia. Besides, Nickolai Aksenenko and Sergey Katanandov, Head of the Government of the Republic of Karelia, are inclined to sign an Agreement on cooperation of the Ministry of railroad communication and the Republic of Karelia. Last updated: 1 June 2001

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