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01.06.2001 - ITAR-TASS Informs:

Investment of the Ministry of Railroad Communication in Construction and Reconstruction of the Karelian Railroads will Make 5 Billion Rbl

PETROZAVODSK, May 31 /The ITAR-TASS corr. Vladimir Zlobin/. Nickolai Aksenenko, Minister of railroad communication RF, came to Petrozavodsk on an inspection visit of the construction of the railroad Ledmosero-Kochkoma. Being accompanied by Sergey Katanandov, Head of the Government of the Republic of Karelia, he is planning to flow by helicopter along the route, which makes 126 km. The Minister is going to meet with railroad workers and engineers.

As Sergey Katanandov told the ITAR-TASS correspondent, "At the end of the year the railroad is to be set in motion. And it's only natural that the Minister would like to inspect the work accomplished personally, given that the MRC allocated huge means in the railroad construction. In total, the investment of the ministry in Petrozavodsk division of October railroad will make about 5 billion rubles from 2000 until 2002. The money will also go to electrification of the railroad Petrozavodsk - Murmansk".

As Sergey Katanandov put it, it has been the first investment of such a scale, made by the MRC, in the railroad construction in the North-West of Russia. Last updated: 4 June 2001

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