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06.08.2001 - ITAR-TASS Informs:

The Severodvinsk Yacht "Reson" Won the Main Prize at the Regatta "Onega-2001"

PETROZAVODSK, August 6 /The ITAR-TASS corr. Vladimir Zlobin/.The Severodvinsk yacht "Reson" was recogniezed the fastes vessel of the XXX International regatta "Onega-2001". The crew, headed by its captain Dmitry Bondarenko, got the main prize- videocamera.

The total number of the yachts, participating in the race, is 49 from 12 regions of the Russian Federation. One boat was from Finland, and its captain, Aulis Miskol, was awarded by the prize for the will for victory. During the race, he injured his leg, but didn't leave the distance, and his crew got the honorary third place in their group.

The women crew of the yacht "Song" from St.Petersburg, led by Elena Maximova, was a great success. They got the prize for being the most optimistic team. In spite of a serious breakage during the storm, the four sportswomen found will and courage to bring the yacht to tne finish line.

In total, the sportsment had made about 500 sea miles or more than 900 km during ten days. Three crews couldn't make it to the finish line because of the breakages.

International Conference "Environment in the Barents - Region"

PETROZAVODSK, August 6 /The ITAR-TASS corr. Vladimir Zlobin/. The International conference "A Human Being and the Environment of the Barents -Region in XXI century" is held in Petrozavodsk. The scholars from Scandinavia and a number of the north-west regions of Russia will participate in it. They will make an attempt to find a common approach to the issue of preservation and rational use of the European North heritage. They are planning to discuss the most challenging issues of the ecological security of the Barents-Region. The conference is held at the time of the ten-year anniversary of one of the largest in Russian National park "Vedlozersky" foundation, situated on the border of the Republic of Karelia and Archangelskaya oblast. The conference will last till August 11.

Modern Art of Scandinavia Exhibited in Petrozavodsk

PETROZAVODSK, August 4 /The ITAR-TASS corr. Vladimir Zlobin/.Modern art in different manifestation was represented at the international exhibition of the artists from Scandinavian countries: Finland, Norway, Iceland, and Denmark, opened today in Petrozavodsk. The name of the exhibition is "Introduction". It means that the artists try to tell us what is going on and how the art is being developed in Scandinavian countries.

Nine professional artists represented their art in different genres. One of the paintings is made of the pieces of silicon fabric, and the name is relevant - "Siliconism - 2001." Another one depicts an open zipper of the woman's dress. The name is - have you already guessed? - "Zipper".

The exhibition is the first part of the international project "The Karelian diary," the main objective of which is to develop creative contacts between the Scandinavian artists and those of the Republic of Karelia.

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