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04.09.2001 - INTERFAX Informs:

The Issue of Joining of the Komi Republic the Regional Council of the Barents Euro-Arctic Region is under Discussion in Petrozavodsk

Siktivkar, September 4 INTERFAX SEVERO-ZAPAD - The Komi Republic is supposed to join the Regional Council of the Barents Euro-Arctic Region (BEAR).

At the sitting of the Council held September 4, in Petrozavodsk one of the main issues is to discuss the possibility of joining of the Komi Republic the BEAR.

The issue was postponed till 2001.

At the same time by the assessment of the leadership of the republic, the Komi Republic has actually joined BEAR "because of its economic-geographical peculiarities and its activities in accomplishment of joint international economic and ecological programs."

The members of BEAR are Murmansk and Archangelsk oblasts, the Republic of Karelia, Nenetsky Autonomous District, and also the provinces of Finland, Sweden, and Norway.

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