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Malmi, Violetta Genrikhovna (Viola Malmi)
Malmi, Violetta Genrikhovna (Viola Malmi)
Date of Birth:
March 14, 1932
Place of Birth:
Town of Kondopoga, Karelia.
Place of employment, position:
The Ministry of Public Education. Palace of leisure - the ballet master of folklore ensemble "Karelskaya Gornitsa (The Karelian Room)".
The higher theatrical - 1957. The Leningrad state theatrical institute named after Ostrovsky,
unfinished the higher choreographical education - 1965, (the Leningrad conservatory named after Rimsky-Korsakov).
The basic stages of career and marks of creative way:
1957-1963 - the actress of Musical Drama Theatre, Petrozavodsk;
1966-1973 - the teacher of dance in the college of culture and education;
1973-1988 - the head of national ensemble "Karjala";
1988-2001 - the head of folklore ensemble "Karelskaya Gornitsa (The Karelian Room)".
Since 1988 together with "Gornitsa" will holds holidays on christian calendar.
Since 1994 stages "Kalevala".
Publications and bookst:
1978 - "National dances of Karelia",
1987 - "National games of Karelia",
1994 - "Sources of the Karelian choreography". These books were published in Finland.
The family:
spouse - Rumiantsev, Igor Mikhailovich;
children Anita and Ilona,
grangchildren Yefim and Stepan.
Folklore trips about Karelia in serch of dancing and ceremonial folklore.
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