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"Onego - 2002"

On July the 21th the International regatta of cruiser yachts "Onego - 2002" - will start the open Championship of Russia on sailing. The regatta will be held by the State committee of the Russian Federation on Physical Culture and Sports and by the Federation of Sailing of the Republic of Karelia from July 19 till August 1. The chairman of the organizing committee of the regatta, as well as in the past year, will be the Head of the Republic of Karelia Sergey Katanandov. The regatta committee will be headed by the yachtsman, the tenfold winner of the Onego regatta, the judge of the international category, the professor, Dr.Sci.Tech. Rostislav Aleksandrovich Novoderezhkin. The solemn opening of the regatta will be held on July the 21st at 11.00 on the quay of Onego. The first regatta on prizes of the mayor of Petrozavodsk will start at 12.00.

The information on arrival for competitions of crews from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Leningrad region, Irkutsk, Minsk, Pskov, Ekaterinburg, Veliky Novgorod, Severodvinsk, Kondopoga, Cherepovets and Petrozavodsk (8 yachts) is already received. Yachts from England and Finland will arrive. Registration of yachts will be carried out as far as July 20. The young yachtsmen, the winners of the championship of Karelia will take part in the regatta among children and youth of the republic, pupils of Petrozavodsk yacht club "Regatta (head A.S.Voronin) of the Karelian Republican Children's Sea Center (KRCSC) "Northwest" (director A.I.Nikitin). They will be part of some crews. Safety of participants during the regatta and anchorages will be provided by the State Committee of Emergency Situations of the RK and by the Ministry of Public Health of the RK. As a whole the traditional program of realization is used. As well as many other traditional republican events "Onego" is a part of the script of celebrating of the 300-th anniversary of Petrozavodsk.

Constant business partners of the State Committee of the RK on Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism and sponsors of competitions on an extent of several years are the joint-stock companies Open Society "Byelomorsk-Onego shipping company" (general director E.V.Koriushkin), Open Society Ship-building factory "Avangard" (the Chairman of the Board of directors V.G.Petrovsky), Open Society Tourist complex "Karelia" (director V.I.Maksimova), Joint-Stock Company "Marine Computer Systems" (general director S.A.Vinogradov), Joint-Stock Company "Navicom" (general director I.P.Gureev, Moscow) and insurance company "Karel - ROSNO" (director E.A.Medvedeva). Open Society "Kondopoga" (general director V.A.Federmesser), and Joint-Stock Company "Karelstroimekhanizatsiya " (general director N.I.Makarov), firms "All for sports" (director O.V.Gorbunov), "Edvin plus" (director M.A.Kurganov) and "Kivatch" (president A.A.Chaduneli) have also taken part in the organization of the regatta this year.

Winners od the regatta "Onego-2001" are

    "Pesnya" (St.Petersburg) - captain Yelena Maksimova
    "Bigl" (Moscow) - captain Leonid Samoilov
    "Leopold" (Moscow) - captain Andrey Reshetov
    "Reson" (Severodvinsk) - captain Dmitry Bondarenko
    "Lucky" (Petrozavodsk) - captain Vladimir Lukin
    "Legenda" (Yekaterinburg) - captain Yuri Kriuchenkov

Winners of the open Championship of Russia on sailing among cruiser yachts

    "Leopold" (Moscow) - captain Andrey Reshetov
    "Nord" (Moscow) - captain Rostislav Novoderezhkin

All winners planned to participate in "Onego - 2002". This year the yacht "Reson" has won the second place in the sailing regatta finished in the beginning of July in Germany (Kiel).

Larisa Krasavtseva

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