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The English naval officers at the sea of Onego

The last briefing before the regatta On July the 21st within the framework of opening the traditional Onego regatta the crew of the yacht "Challenger" of the navy fleet of the Great Britain has invited aboard the representatives of the Government and the Legislative Assembly of Karelia. This is not the first time when the Englishmen come by their yachts to Onego, but it was for the first time when the naval department of the Great Britain has allowed its seamen to sail in the internal waters of Russia. Speaking of it, the members of the crew have noticed that originally the supreme state grades of the country have forbidden them even to think of northern sea way to Russia, and the preparation of the necessary documents has taken nine months. And they still say that the Russian bureaucracy is the most sluggish in the world!..

The yacht "Challenger": in all its beauty before the spectaculars.The yacht "Challenger" has been designed ten years ago, and it is considered as one of the most reliable ones. Three times during this period the yacht has made round-the-world trips. Travel to Russia - through Scandinavia, the White sea, the Onego and Ladoga lakes, returning and back home by Baltic sea will take three months in total. It is remarkable that on the board of the English vessel there are two sea cadets of Arkhangelsk nautical college, thus, the yacht is the original "school of courage" for the young ladies and gentlemen from the different countries including Russia. Members of the crew characterizing the Arkhangelsk guys have noticed that they are "enthusiasts in everything". As for the girls, the navy fleet of the Great Britain has up to six percents of them among their employees, and the merchant marine fleet - up to twenty percents.

The English did not only seamen show the yacht and told about it to their new friends in Petrozavodsk, but also spoke of the interest the Onego lake, about which severe temper they have heard much, has for them, as they have also heard a lot of the fact that it is called the sea. It is not only the nature that attracts the seafarers. The Chairman of the Lagislative Assembley Nickolay Levin and the Chairman of the State Committee of the RK on Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism Eugeny Kotkin have presented the republic to the visitors, have told that the Head of Karelia Sergey Katanandov has named attraction of investments in our region as a priority trend. Therefore any dialogue with the foreigners, with experts in various areas serves to promote perfection and development of image of our republic.

Natalya Volkova

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