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Organizing committee of Onego - 2003 Regatta

On July 15 in the boardroom of the Government of the RK final session of organizing committee of Onego - 2003 Regatta was held. The Head of the Republic of Karelia S.Katanandov who has headed the republican organizing committee on preparation and realization of the regatta has appreciated results of its preparation. The decision control the process of delivery of racing vessels to Petrozavodsk as most difficult of preparatory stages was accepted.

The regatta held within the framework of the 300th anniversary of the Karelian capital became one of the most expensive. Seventy percents of means from 2.5 million roubles spent on its realization were accumulated by the State Committee of the RK on Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism from unappropriated sources.

Actors of creative workshop, as well as Kantele and Katyusha collectives well-known to citizens of Petrozavodsk will take part in the celebratory program of solemn opening the Onego regatta. On July 22 since 4.00 p.m. on Petrozavodsk quay the show program for spectators will be organized. Peter I will also arrive at the solemn opening.

For the first time, in parallel with Onego - 2003 Small Onego regatta of Mikro-vessels , organized by the Moscow Association of Mikro-vessels at the support of Siling Federation of Karelia will be held. It will held for Assol and Mikro vessels. Occurrence of a separate distance for Small Onego regatta was required by technical conditions: Mikro-yachts do not correspond to parameters of yachts participating in Onego sailing regatta. However, both regattas will start simultaneously and finish in Petrozavodsk crossing by Suicari island. Fifteen more yachts of ecological expedition of the Sailing student's union (Moscow) will join Small Onego and Onego - 2003. All of them are participants of the Bank regatta.

Within the past years Onego Regatta has gained the status of sports action. Before the regatta was considered rather a tourist entertainment action, instead of sailing vessels' race. Many family crews participated in it. Five years ago Onego Regatta became the championship of Russia. This year ranks of champions of Russia in four test groups will be awarded on the results of Onego - 2003. The first group includes small vessels of mini-tons displacement, the so-called 'mini-tonners' (special yachtsmen's terms existing for definition of classes contain only digital and letter designations), the second group consists of 'quater-tonners' (up to 1988 year of launch), the third group consists of 'quater-tonners' (after 1988 year of launch), and the fourth group includes the largest yachts, 'half-tonners', in which yachts of the Polish construction such as Carter - 30 prevail. Petrozavodsk yachtsman Yury Chikalov was appointed the chairman of the Onego Regatta committee for the first time. The judicial brigade includes three skilled judges of republican category. In the regatta basically experienced sportsmen such as masters of sports of Russia, and the master of sports of the international class will take part.

Unfortunately, the German yacht Petrina will be late fot eh regatta, and the family crew of the Norwegian yacht Christiania will arrive in the middle of the regatta. The exact information on representation of the yachts on the regatta will appear only on the eve of its start, after measurement of sails. Since July 17 the Moscow yachts will start to arrive in Petrozavodsk, and by July 20 vessels from Saint Petersburg will come. According to the latest information 16 yachts from Moscow, 37 yachts from Saint Petersburg, two Finnish and 12 Karelian crews have confirmed their participation. This year republican crews will keep earnest competition with the regatta guests.

Larisa Krasavtseva

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