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Winds have triumphed over the calm

On Thursday last race of XXXII International Onega sailing regatta Onego - 2003 - the Open championship of Russia among the cruiser yachts organized by the State Committee of the Russian Federation on Physical Culture and Sports, the State Committee on Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism, the All-Russian sailing federation of and sailing Federation of the Republic of Karelia finished on July, 31.

The crews of yachts from 11 cities consisted of yachtsmen from 17 cities of Russia and Finland. The rank of Champions of Russia was challenged by 249 sportsmen among whom there were 23 masters of sports and 34 candidates in master of sports. From 52 yachts 51 have reached the finish. After the third lap the Moscow yacht "Amber" has quit competitions for technical reasons (lost-free).

The last fifth lap of the regatta Onego - 2003 was devoted to the memory of famous yachtsman Ikar Riskin who headed the racing committee of Onego regatta for many years. The race has started in he midday at 1m/s speed of wind, and only by evening the wind has appeared. The first yacht has come to Petrozavodsk at 7 a.m., the last - at 1.45 p.m. (15 minutes prior to control time expiration). The first in the test groups became the yachts Osa, Uliss, Veter (Nizhni Novgorod), Reson, Katran, Veter (Pskov).

The winners and prize-winners in six test groups of Onego - 2003 regatta are:

  • 1 test group - Mayak (Moscow, captain Sergey Briling), Osa (Moscow), Cinderella (Petrozavodsk);
  • 2 test group - Uliss (Moscow, Igor Belousov), Bigl (Moscow), Cornet (Moscow);
  • 3 test group - Leopold (Moscow, Gennady Lavrentiev), Veter (Nizhni Novgorod), Bagira (Saint Petersburg);
  • 4 test group - Nord (Moscow, Rostislav Novoderezhkin), Vera (Moscow), Reson (Severodvinsk);
  • 5 test group - Katran (Tver, Andrey Garakalams), Sydtsti (Finland), Lera (Petrozavodsk);
  • 6 test group - Veter (Pskov, Sergey Averkin), Quartet (Saint Petersburg), Bagira (Saint Petersburg).

Before the regatta was rather entertaining tourist event, than a sailing race. Many family crews participated in it. Five years ago Onego became the Championship of Russia. This year in first four test groups offset of the Championship of Russia among cruiser yachts (prize-winning places of the championship correspond to results of Onego-2003) was carried out. All members of crews of yachts Mayak, Uliss, Leopold, and Nord have won ranks of Champions of Russia.

In the offset of class races among so-called 'quater-tonners' the first place was won by the crew of the yacht Veter (Nizhni Novgorod), the second was awarded to Quartet, ant the third to Leopold. In the Carter - 30 class the Moscow yachts North, Vodoley and Archibald were in the lead.

In the evening in the hotel Severnaya solemn rewarding of winners of the regatta was held in which the assistant to the Prime Minister of Government of the RK Vladimir Boinich, the chairman of the State Committee of the RK on Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism Eugeny Kotkin, the president of the Sailing Federation of Karelia Anatoly Nikitin, the assistant to the general director of White Sea - Onego Shipping Company Victor Telushko have taken part and medals and memorable prizes from the Administration of Petrozavodsk were entrusted by Alexander Safronov.

Sponsors of Onego-2003 have also founded special prizes: the most young yachtsman eleven-year-old member of crew of Petrozavodsk yacht Into Alexey Aleksandrov was awarded with the picture of artist Valery Skoropey, the skilled yachtsman and the vice-president of the Karelian Sailing Federation who for 20 years taught Karelian kids sailing.

The most skilled yachtsman was recognized the captain of Moscow yacht Bigl Leonid Samoilov , the head of a dynasty of yacht captains. In this regatta his on was riding Ragtime, and his grandsonon was on Lotus.

The main expert of the State Committee of the RK on Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism Vladimir Elin sailed the Finnish yacht Rosanna that has participated in the Onego regatta in the prvious years, and passed all five laps by total extent of about 500 sea miles (1 sea mile is 1852 meters). Despite of the hundred-per-cent language barrier, Vladimir communicated with crew of the yacht with no special efforts. With delight the captain of the second Finnish yacht Sydtsti speaks about the Onego regatta. In spite of the fact that Miskala Aulis is for the first time on Onego he managed be the second in the fifth test group.

A habitual problem of storm races of the Onego regatta was struggle against lake and wind. This year the calm race has put no less complicated problem to move forward at practically full absence of wind. By the way, probably the name Veter ('the wind') has helped two yachts from Pskov and Nizhni Novgorod to achieve success in the calm. The crew from Nizhni Novgorod has managed to meet such unusual phenomenon for Onego as a tornado. Nothing has prevented Veter from becoming the best in the class of 'quater-tonners' and to win the second place in the third test group. Veter from Pskov was recognized as the most high-speed yacht of the regatta, its crew has received a prize For absolute speed. As a tradition new vessels annually take running in on Onego. This year it was: Ragtime, Azart and Veter from Pskov which was made according to the new system of measurement and justified hopes of its founders.

For technical reasons Moscow Association of Mikro class could not held the Small Onego regatta for for Assol and Mikro vessels. However yachtsmen, the majority of whom were Moscow and Petrozavodsk students, have found the way out and have went to ecological expedition over Onego.

From the point of view of the president of the Sailing Federation of Karelia Anatoly Nikitin the regatta of 2003 differed from the previous one only with weather and has passed without any emergencies.

- We maintain the reputation of the Championship of Russia, - Anatoly Ivanovich has told. - One of our main tasks for the following regatta is to increase the prize-winning fund.

According to the chairman of the State Committee of the RK on Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism E.E.Kotkin the regatta of 2004 is planned to be held on the commercial basis.

- Very soon we'll form the organizational committee for Onego-2004, - E.Kotkin says. - We're planning on attracting both Moscow and Petrozavodsk sponsors to form the the prize-winning fund, but also businessmen from those cities that send their yachts to participate in the regatta. Thus this the prize-winning fund will give the regatta the statute of both commercial and sports event. In the meantime the regatta has recieved the most significant support from our constant sponsors A.Lyallya, V.Smorodin, N.Makarov, S.Sychev, I.Romanov, I.Fedorov, Avangard shipyard Joint Stock Company and Petrovsky distillery. Successful solution of organizational matters was promoted by the Ministry of Education and Youth of the RK, A.Nikitin and the Euroforum exhibition agency. Thank you of all for your help and participation in Onego-2003 regata!

Larisa Krasavtseva

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