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Statement of the Head of the Republic of Karelia Sergey Katanandov

On the night of August 8 the Georgian troops entered the territory of unrecognized republic of the South Ossetia, occupied and shelled its capital. Military aggression has led to numerous victims among the peaceful populace. Russian peacemakers were killed.

Authorities of Karelia completely support decisions made by the President of the Russian Federation, Government of Russia on protection, even by force and arms, of peaceful populace of South Ossetia and Russian peacemakers subjected to treacherous attack, they share fair anger and indignation of the Ossetic people.

Karelia is ready to come to help the brother Ossetic people: render necessary help to the refugees pulling through the war, provide necessary medical supplies to military and civil hospitals of Northern Ossetia, and also to receive victims in this undeclared war for subsequent treatment and reabilitation in medical institutions of our republic. We are ready to accommodate the South Ossetia women and children in sanatoria and children's improving camps where they could have a rest and improve their health. The Government of Karelia is also ready to send divisions of the Ministry of Emergency of the republic to South Ossetia for rendering assistance to victims and restoration of quiet life in the region.

As a result of the cold act of aggression against South Ossetia the crime against humanity was committed, harmless people, women and children were hurt. I hope for the most prompt conflict resolution with pacific political means, and I'm sure that those who lifted their hand gainst helpless women and children should receive condign punishment.

Head of the Republic of Karelia
Sergey Katanandov

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